Understanding the soybean root system

Prabhjot Singh Sanghera, MSc Candidate

Under the supervision of Professor Pierre R.L. Dutilleul, Prabhjot Singh Sanghera's research aims to develop a 3D non-destructive phenotyping framework to better understand the soybean root system architecture by using Computer-aided; tomography. “After my thesis," he says, "I plan to further my research career and pursue a PhD in fields related to phenomics or computational biology.”

Throughout his time at the Macdonald Campus, Prabhjot has become an active member of the student community, representing Plant Science within the Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Society and holding a secretarial role at Comité de Partenariat International du Centre SÈVE, roles that led to meaningful experiences like international conferences, and that helped him make friends and broaden his professional network.

Mac Campus is serene, fun, and worth being at with all the hardworking researchers and students. But, like every grad school, it will be challenging, so like my supervisor says, 'Take one step, one day at a time'. If you work in the lab too long, go kayaking!

Prabhjot originates from Punjab, India and holds a BSc Agriculture (Honours), specialization in Plant Breeding and Genetic Statistics, from Punjab Agricultural University, India.

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