Two New Faces in the Graduate Studies Division

The Department of Family Medicine is happy to announce the appointments of Drs. Kathleen Rice and Samira Abbasgholizadeh-Rahimi as assistant professors as of January 2019. 

A Message from Dr. David St-Jacques 

Before leaving for a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station, Dr. David St-Jacques tells us how his training as a family physician prepared him to become an astronaut. 
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Opinion: Strong Primary Care Services are Essential

On Oct. 22, a panel of experts convened for a discussion on primary care in Quebec. The panelists agreed on the needs of the system: decentralization of decision-making, increased transparency concerning healthcare costs and outcomes, expansion of the role of multidisciplinary primary care and a shift in tone among stakeholders.
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Laying the Groundwork for Future Family Physicians

On September 29, close to 300 medical students were united for a day of workshops and talks on topics ranging from Indigenous health to health of gender minorities, all whilst exploring rural family medicine and maternal and prenatal care.
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Big Changes in the Undergraduate Program

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Goldie Marmor as the new Undergraduate Program Director. She is replacing Dr. Mark Karanofsky, who was Director for two and a half years.
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Department of Family Medicine

The McGill Family Medicine Department is home to an exceptional community of primary health care professionals, researchers, students and support staff, whose mission is to contribute to the health of the population and the sustainability of the healthcare system in Quebec as well as in Canada and internationally, by training residents, medical students and other health care professionals, promoting innovation in practice, developing research and scholarly activity, promoting curriculum innovation and education research, and engaging in international and global health activities.