Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the McGill Family Medicine Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program at the McGill Department of Family Medicine supports the discipline of family medicine in the curriculum of McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences MDCM Program. Its two key goals are:

  • to instill in students the concept of patient-centered care that is relevant to all graduates regardless of career choice; and
  • to promote family medicine as an academic discipline and a career option among medical students.

The Family Medicine Curriculum includes:

INDS 124 - longitudinal.fammed [at] mcgill.ca (Longitudinal Family Medicine 1) (Year 1)

FMED 301 - tcp.fammed [at] mcgill.ca (Transition to Clinical Practice) (TCP) (Year 2)

FMED 405 - undergrad.fammed [at] mcgill.ca (Core Clerkship )(Year 3)

undergradelectives.fammed [at] mcgill.ca (Family Medicine Electives) (Year 3 and 4)



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