Faculty Development

Our Vision and Mission                                                                   

Vision: Encourage Academic Excellence                                                                                                           

Mission Statement: The division of Faculty Development is committed to maintaining and improving the skills and comfort of our university site and community faculty members in their teaching, administrative and research responsibilities, through educational and departmental activities delivered in traditional and modern ways.

Family Medicine Teaching Hub

Want to network, learn new skills, and be part of our family medicine community?

Faculty Development Committee

Our faculty development team is working for you to deliver innovative programming.

What is Faculty Development?

Are you interested in learning more about the 3 pillars of academic medicine?

McGill’s Family Medicine Department is comprised of a diverse group of teachers, researchers, administrators and leaders. Faculty Development supports department members in their academic roles and provides resources, support, and development opportunities for faculty members. We strive to create a family medicine community that loves to teach and are excited to learn.

Contact Information

If you have a request or need consultation, contact us.

catherine.jarvis [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Catherine Jarvis)
Director, Faculty Development
Chair, Faculty Development Committee

Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Development


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