Family medicine health professions team members

Our Directors

chair.fammed [at] (Dr. Marion Dove)

Department Chair

kennedy.kanyangonda [at] (Kennedy Kayang'onda)

Associate Director of Administration


Our Core Administrative Staff

admcoord.fammed [at] (Nina Schmauch )

Secretary to the Chair and Administrative Assistant


rosa.coppola [at] (Rosa Coppola)

Academic Affairs Advisor


finance.fammed [at] (Winie Celestin)

Finance Officer

admcoord.fammed [at] (Andrea Zdyb)

Administrative Coordinator












accountsadmin.fammed [at] (Nathica Phet)

Finance Administrator


com.fammed [at] (Marie Moucarry )

Communications Officer












accountsadmin.fammed [at] (Patrick Beland)

Senior Accounts Administrator


Academic Affairs Administrator

acad-ga.fammed [at] (Kyndra Laurie )

Undergraduate Programs:

Graduate Programs:

Postgraduate Residency

If you are looking for a specific person not listed here, please browse through the other pages of our website where you can find information about our unit teams.


Department of Family Medicine, McGill University

5858, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, 3rd floor,
Montreal, Quebec H3S 1Z1

Note that we are not a Family Medicine clinic. Please do not contact us for clinical services.

Thank you!

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