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Department of Family Medicine
5858, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, 3rd floor,
Montreal, Quebec H3S 1Z1


howard.bergman [at] (Dr. Howard Bergman )
Department Chair
adminsec.fammed [at] (Ms. Amanda Johnston )
Senior Administrative Coordinator & Chair's Secretary
Tel: (514) 399-9122

nathalie.moragues [at] (Dr. Nathalie Moragues)
Associate Director of Administration
Tel: (514) 399-9125

rosa.coppola [at] (Ms. Rosa Coppola)
Academic Affairs Administrator
Tel: (514) 399-9124 

hr-acad.fammed [at] (Ms. Ruotong Wang)
Human Ressources Administrator 
Tel: (514) 399-9018

christine.steinmeyer [at] (Ms. Christine Steinmeyer)
General Administrator
Tel: (514) 399-9142

finance.fammed [at] (Mr. Kennedy Kanyang'onda) 
Financial Officer
Tel: (514) 399-9143

finadmin.fammed [at] (Ms. Winie Celestin )
Financial Administrator 
Tel: (514) 399-9136 
com.fammed [at] (Ms. Frédérique Mazerolle)
Communication Administrator 
Tel: (514) 399-9146

admcoord.fammed [at] (Ms. Andrea Zdyb)
Administrative Coordinator (General Administration/Reception)
Tel: (514) 399-9129 

recep-adm.fammed [at] (Ms. Marie-Anne Wong Lun-Cheong )
Administrative Coordinator (Finances/Reception) 
Tel: (514) 399-9138 
Undergraduate Program
goldie.marmor [at] (Dr. Goldie Marmor)
undergrad.fammed [at] (Ms. Sheila Zoghaib)
Interim Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9120
longitudinal.fammed [at] (Ms. Sheila Zoghaib)
Longitudinal Family Medicine Administrator               
Tel: (514) 399-9108

laurie.musgrave [at] (Dr. Laurie Musgrave)
Director, Longitudinal Family Medicine Course                                             

david.luckow [at] (Dr. David Luckow)
Director, Transition to Clinical Practice Course                           

maryse.fournier2 [at] (Dr. Maryse Fournier)
Director, Clerkship Course

Assistant Director, Longitudinal Family Medicine & Faculty Development

yvette.tewfik [at] (Dr. Nelly Tewfik)
lydiacatherine.melnyk [at] (Dr. Lydia Melnyk)
Assistant Director, Transition to Clinical Practice Course

Postgraduate Program
pgdirector.fammed [at] (Dr. Marion Dove)

teresa.rudkin [at] (Dr. Teresa Rudkin)
Assistant Director                                                                 

julie.lane [at] (Ms. Julie Lane)
Postgraduate Administrative Officer                    
Tel: (514) 399-9127         

postgrad.fammed [at] (Ms. Alana Walsh-Ferland)
Postgraduate Coordinator 
Tel: (514) 399-9126

Rural Programs - Distributed Medical Education
Guylene.theriault [at] (Dr. Guylène Thériault)
Ms. Paola Colapelle 
Interim Officer                    [at] (Ms. Zineb Mabrouki)
Tel: (514) 398-5666
Fax: (514) 398-3595
Graduate Programs    
gillian.bartlett [at] (Dr. Gillian Bartlett)

graduateprograms.fammed [at] (Ms. Sherrie Child)
Graduate Programs Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9109

jamie.demore [at] (Mr. Jamie DeMore)
Graduate Programs Manager
Tel: 514-399-9103

Enhanced Skills Programs  
fhersson [at] (Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery)

postgrad.fammed [at] (Ms. Alana Walsh-Ferland)
Administrative Coordinator                     
Tel: (514) 399-9126

zachary.levine [at] (Dr. Zachary Levine)
Director, CFPC Emergency Medicine Program
ben.albright [at] (Dr. Ben Albright)
Director, Care of the Elderly Program
kathryn.sun [at] (Dr. Kathryn Sun)
Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship
benjamin.schiff [at] (Dr. Benjamin Schiff)
Director, Hospital Medicine
fhersson [at] (Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery)
Director, Mother and Child Health Program
donald.ginsberg [at] (Dr. Donald Ginsberg)
Director, Palliative Care Fellowship
roland.grad [at] (Dr. Roland Grad )
Director, Clinician Scholars Program
Continuing Medical Education

Administrative Coordinator

Faculty Development
audreyjuras [at] (Dr. Audrey Juras)

facdevcme.fammed [at] (Ms. Xiaoke (Chloé) Sun)
Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9551


gillian.bartlett [at] (Dr. Gillian Bartlett)

charo.rodriguez [at] (Dr. Charo Rodriguez)
Director, Family Medecine Education Research
Tel: (514) 399-9102

pierre.pluye [at] (Dr. Pierre Pluye)
Director, Methodological Developments for the Quebec SUPPORT Unit (on sabatical
Tel: (514) 398-8483

tibor.schuster [at] (Dr. Tibor Schuster)
Interim Director, 
Director, Methodological Developments for the Quebec SUPPORT Unit

pbrn.fammed [at] (Mr. Nadjiib Mokraoui)
McGill Practice Based Research Network Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9544

neil.andersson [at] (Dr. Neil Andersson)
Director, Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM) and CIET
Tel: (514) 398-6470

jeannie.haggerty [at] (Dr. Jeannie Haggerty)
Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital Center
Director, McGill Practice Based Research Network 

research.fammed [at] (Ms. Annick Beaudry)
Research Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9104
Global Health
yves.bergevin [at] (Dr. Yves Bergevin)
Family Medicine Innovations in Learning (FMIL)

tamara.carver [at] (Dr. Tamara Carver)
Education Lead and Assistant Professor

rachel.simmons [at] (Ms. Rachel Simmons)
Project Manager

fmil.fammed [at] (Ms. Xiaoke (Chloé) Sun)
Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (514) 399-9551