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The Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery


Dr. William E. Novick (1923-2023)

The McGill University Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery would like to pay tribute to Dr. William Novick (1923-2023) for his 60 years of contributions to the Department as a teacher, a leader, a veteran, and a hero.

Dr. Novick first joined the attending staff of the Royal Victoria Hospital in February 1960. "Throughout his outstanding medical career, Bill was acknowledged for his ability to mentor and teach students right up until his last resident clinic day with us on March 17, 2020," says Dr. Saul Frenkiel, former Chair of the Department. His academic accolades included a teacher of the year award, presidency of the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery in 1977, and most poignant to us, our department's annual William H. Novick CanMeds Resident Award named in his honour.

Dr. Novick influenced the careers of generations of otolaryngologists trained in our department. "His special giving and never ending counsel greatly influenced my career. A mentor comes into your life and fundamentally changes the direction of your path. This definitely occurred for me under his guidance and influence." says Dr. Melvin Schloss, former Chair of our Department. "He was one of my heroes on so many levels." says Dr. Martin Black.

Other testimonials from members of our Department include: "His dedication to lifelong learning and athletics, his professionalism and genuine devotion to his patients, are a source of inspiration to all of us."; "One of the most inspiring individuals I have ever known. Loved by his patients, respected by his colleagues, and revered by his students."; "I have never met anyone with his strength of character."; "A great mentor, and a friend."; "I don't know anyone who had so many past accomplishments - and yet had remained kind to all and modest."; "A true gentleman."; "A revered role model."

Dr. Novick was a Canadian hero. From 1941-1945 he served as a bomber pilot in the 433 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service to our country during World War II. He was a decorated and revered veteran and an invited member of the Canadian delegation for the annual anniversary of D-Day celebrations held in Normandy, France.

He was a devoted and cherished colleague to many. Dedicated, learned, patient and kind, he made a difference in the lives of countless people, his patients and his colleagues. Dr. Novick will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds, forever a role model and mentor - an example to live up to, an inspiration to all who knew him.

We express our sincere condolences to Vita and the entire Novick family.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be missed.

Dr. Nader Sadeghi
Chair, Department of Otolaryngology -
Head and Neck Surgery




Dr. Sampath Loganathan

Recipient of FRQS Junior 1 Chercheur Boursier Award

This is a well deserved recognition of his research in the field of functional genomics in head and neck cancer, using cutting edge gene editing tools in our Head and Neck Translational Laboratory at RI MUHC, part of functional genomic program of CRP at RI MUHC. His research has brought new technology for genomics research at McGill benefitting the university and all its affiliate research institutions beyond its application in head and neck cancer. The laboratory is very busy currently with 7 students in MSc and PhD level and a post-doctoral trainee under his leadership working on various research projects.




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