Group of researchers


Head and Neck Oncology

Surgeons in the operating room

The Department is active in Head and Neck Cancer research including areas of cancer biology, translational cancer research, novel therapeutics, and clinical trials.

Auditory Mechanics and OTL Sciences

Model of the middle and inner ear

Research in auditory mechanics centres on a quantitative understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the middle ear.

The OTL Sciences Laboratory focuses on using well-established animal models to produce quantitative studies on clinical problems.

Pediatric OTL Research and Pediatric Speech and Voice Lab

Physician examines throat of young girl

Find information for residents on Pediatric Otolaryngology Research.

Research at the Speech and Voice Lab deals with pediatric voice and speech problems.


Vestibular Lab, Otology & Neurotology and Cochlear Implant Program

Robotic surgery

In the OTL Vestibular Laboratory, research focuses on the function and dysfunction of the vestibular system in humans.  

Otology and Neurotology Research focuses on many areas including acoustic neuromas, stapes surgery to treat otosclerosis, and studies in otologic procedures.

The McGill Cochlear Implant Research Program aims at improving cochlear implantation outcomes.

Rhinology Research and the Voice Laboratory

Dr. Mark Tewfik in the lab

Rhinology research focuses on different areas including treatments for rhinosinusitis and 3D-printed rhinology surgical training models.

The Voice Laboratory is a clinical and research unit for voice and laryngeal disorders.

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