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Research Day 2023

May 17, 2023 @ L'Ambroisie

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FRQS Awardees 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Shuk On Annie Leung, Dr. Sinziana Dumitra and Dr. Joshua Vorstenbosch!

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Early-Career Investigator Mentorship (eCIM)

Obtaining FRQS Junior 1 funding is a key step in career development for most scientists and clinician-scientists in the Department of Surgery.

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Welcome to the Department of Experimental Surgery

The Experimental Surgery Department is responsible for the administration of the graduate surgical research programs and it allows excellent opportunities for training under the supervision of professors located in the research institutes of the different McGill teaching hospitals. The scope of the research and close connections with other centres and departments of McGill provide ample opportunities for collaboration.

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Experimental Surgery

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MSc-Non Thesis in Experimental Surgery - Oncology

Important Dates & Announcements

Funding Opportunities for Mexican Students

As the Fall 2022 admissions period ends and most decisions have been made, we would like to remind you about funding opportunities for Mexican students. According to McGill’s agreement with CONACYT, FUNED and EDUCAFIN, Mexican students with an Offer of Admission to an eligible graduate degree program at McGill University are given preference during the scholarship selection process. Please click here for more information.

Application Deadlines for Fall 2023 Application Deadlines for Winter 2024
DOMESTIC STUDENTS: September 1, 2023

Email gradstudies.surgery [at] mcgill.ca (Gradstudies Surgery) for more information!

Fall Convocation 2021: Graduate

Dheeksha Reddy

Degree: Experimental Surgery
Hometown: Ottawa and Iqaluit

What I loved most about studying at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: The support and the wide range of opportunities that we get to explore. The courses provide a platform for us to create, develop and grow. It makes sure we think out of the box and come up with the best outcomes possible.

A wonderful memory I’ll never forget: I never felt so happy, satisfied and confident about myself as much as I felt here. I can express myself with no hesitation. I am honestly sad that I am completing my education and will be graduating but if I get a chance to stay back I definitely will.

And a few shout outs… Favourite professor: Dr. Fackson Mwale – the guiding light. Never did anyone guide and support me as much as he did. Micha Huynh: my greatest supporter and always there for her students. Sharon Tuner: if I have any trouble, I reach out to her. And finally, my supervisors – Elif Bilgic (project supervisor) and Laura Epure – (internship supervisor).

What’s next? Hopefully medicine and giving back to my community. If not, I definitely would continue my education within the faculty (PhD). I know I am in the right hands!


A Word from Deeksha

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