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Discover the exciting field of Biomedical Engineering, where we apply principles from engineering, the physical sciences and computer science to medicine and the life sciences.

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Our researchers are internationally recognized leaders in their fields:  from signals and systems,  biomaterials, biosensors, artificial cells, neuroimaging, proteomics, to personalized medicine.

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Using VR goggles to help diagnose concussions

Learn more about the work being done by Neuroflex (Mimi Galiana, chief scientific officer), to provide scientifically validated and precise measurements of brain health.

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Biomedical Engineering at McGill

We are the first Biomedical Engineering Department in Canada, and uphold a tradition of leadership and excellence. 

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Personalized Medicine

In the future, health care delivery will be tailored to your molecular profile. Developing technologies for establishing molecular portraits is one ongoing area of research.

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