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Teaching Assistants & Graders (Dept. Biomedical Engineering)


The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers Teaching Assistant and Grader opportunities on a term basis.

Teaching Assistant positions at McGill University are unionized and available ONLY to registered graduate students. For more information about the Teaching Assistant Union, visit AGSEM website.

The fixed hourly rate is $33.03. In addition, a 4% vacation indemnity will be added to your hourly rate.

Grader positions are non-unionized and available to graduate students only.

The fixed hourly rate is $15.50. In addition, a 4% vacation indemnity will be added to your hourly rate.

Available TA & Grader Positions



How to apply

In order to be considered for Teaching Assistantship, please ensure the following steps are completed entirely and on time.

  1. Refer to the Available TA and Grader Positions in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  2. Apply by clicking on the direct link(s) associated with the course(s) you wish to be considered for.

Please refer to the How to Apply for a Job (for External Candidates) job aid for instructions on how to apply.

If you are an active McGill employee (ie: currently in an active contract or position at McGill University), do not apply through this Career Site. Login to your McGill Workday account and apply to this posting using the Find Jobs report (type Find Jobs in the search bar).

Workload Forms

According to the new regulations every course coordinator must meet with his/her TAs and discuss the workload as well as detailed functions that the student will be performing during his/her appointment. The workload form should be signed by the instructor and the student before the end of the add/drop period. All later changes made to the agreement between the course instructor and the student should be included in the revised workload form and resubmitted. The student and the instructor should keep one copy each; one copy will be filed in the student employee record and another will be sent to Human Resources.

Posting Periods

  • May 31 for Fall and Full Year courses.
  • November 1 for Winter courses.

Documents and Forms


For more information contact:

hr.admin4.sbms [at]

Human Resources Administrator | School of Biomedical Sciences | Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Teaching Positions

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Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions

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Other Opportunities in Biomedical Engineering

Posting Job Opportunities

admin.bme [at] (subject: Request%20to%20Post%20a%20Job%20Opportunity%20in%20Biomedical%20Engineering) (Post a job opportunity in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering)

Post a job opportunity on myFuture (McGill CaPS) External link

Priority Points for course lecturers

The list of individuals currently having priority points according to the university's collective agreement with the McGill Course Lecturers' and Instructors' Union can be found at Priority Points_BME.

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