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          NB: BME theses at eScholarship@McGill (theses before 1990 are listed under other departments; particular theses can be found using the eScholarship search facility)

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McGill logo: See Ceremonial Matters and Protocol concerning use of the McGill logo. ‘Any use of the name and insignia requires approval of the University Secretariat.’ According to the Policy on the use of the Wordmark and Insignia of McGill University (linked to on that page, but out of date), the logo ‘must always appear as indicated in [the] guidelines and cannot be modified … For printed documents intended for dissemination outside the University it is required that the full signature [shield + wordmark] be used. … Faculty and staff of McGill University may use the McGill wordmark and insignia (the shield, coat of arms, and signature) whenever required in the exercise of their duties.’ The graphics files are no longer available on-line. (Contact the University Secretariat with any requests.)


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