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The University pursues its mission in a manner that advances its goals, protects the integrity of all it does and maintains the confidence of all members of the University community. Faculty, staff and students are expected to conduct themselves according to ethical and behavioural standards that promote an environment of respect, trust and inclusion, where academic excellence can flourish. The University’s policies and regulations, which support these standards, are found here.

All Governing Documents (policies and regulations) shall be developed following the Policy Framework. To learn more about the new University protocols in policy development and associated responsibilities, please click here.

To assist in understanding the Policies and Regulations applicable to the different constituents of the University, a Guide has been prepared which features McGill’s Policies and Regulations by category. It may be consulted here: PDF iconA Guide to McGill University's Policies and Regulations


The Secretariat posts, on this webpage, Policies and Regulations that have been approved by the University’s governing bodies (Board of Governors and/or Senate). The posting of other types of documents is subject to approval by the Secretariat and restricted to documents that have broad University impact.

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Please note that Policies and Regulations are reviewed and modified on a regular basis. Approved changes are updated by the University Secretariat.

Comments and questions on University Policies and Regulations may be provided to the Secretariat: secretary.general [at]

For other unit/faculty-level regulatory documents, please refer to the following websites:

For any questions about this site, please contact the University Secretariat.

List of Policies/Regulations Approved by Governing Bodies (Board of Governors and/or Senate):


Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs, Policy Concerning  (French version)

Procedure on Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees

 Animals, Policy on the Study and Care of  (French Version)

 Anti-Doping Policy

 Appeals of Tenure Decisions, Regulations on (French Version)

 Approval of Contracts and Designation of Signing Authority, Policy on the 

 Procedure Regarding Second Signature Requirements for Contracts Greater than $1 million 

 Archives - Terms of Reference


PDF icon Board of Governors Rules of Order and Procedure

PDF icon Born-Digital Record as the Official Record

PDF icon Digitization Guidelines- Born Digital Records


 Charter of Students' Rights   (PDF icon French Version )

PDF icon Code of Ethics and Conduct for Members of the Board of Governors of McGill University

PDF icon Conduct of Research, Regulation on (PDF iconFrench Version

PDF icon Conflict of Interest, Regulation on (PDF iconFrench Version)

Recognizing Conflicts  (French Version)

Conflict of Interest Reporting 

PDF icon Consulting and Similar Activities by Academic Staff, Regulation on  (French Version)

PDF icon Copyright, Policy on

PDF icon Cyclical Academic Unit Reviews, Regulations on


PDF icon Development and Review of Governing Documents, Policy for the


File Governing Document Template

File Procedure Template

File Governing Document Proposal Form


 Electoral Procedures of the Board of Governors

 E-Mail Communication with Students, Policy on (French Version)

 Employment Equity Policy

PDF icon Employment of Academic Staff, Regulations Relating to the  (French version)

Employment of Contract Academic Staff, Regulation Relating to the  (French version)

PDF icon Employment of Librarian Staff, Regulations Relating to the(PDF iconFrench Version)

PDF icon Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff, Regulations Relating to (PDF iconFrench Version)

            Examples of the Range of Research Accomplishments, Recognition and Impacts Valued at McGill

End of Course Evaluations, Policy on Official ( French version)

Enterprise Data Governance, Policy on  

 Standard on Enterprise Data Classification

Standard on Enterprise Data Governance  (Currently under review)

Enterprise Risk Management Policy (“ERM Policy”)

 Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Participants, Policy on ( French version)

PDF icon e-Version as Official Record, Substitution of an


French at McGill University, Policy on the Use and Quality of  (French Version)

Funding Policy of the McGill University Pension Plan


Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines  (French version)

 Gift-in-Kind-Policy (Non-monetary donations) (French version)

PDF icon Graduate Student Supervision, Regulations on ( French version)


PDF icon Harassment and Discrimination, Policy on  (French version pending)

Procedures Related to the Policy on Harassment and Discrimination (French version pending)

Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Violence (website)

 Hazing and Inappropriate Initiation Practices, Policy on  (French Version) 

Honorary Degrees and Convocations Committee, Guidelines for the  


 Information Technology Resources, Policy on the Responsible use of McGill (French version)

​ Internal Audit Charter

PDF icon Inventions and Software, Policy on

PDF icon Guidelines on the Application of the Policy on Inventions and Software

 Guidelines for University Spin-offs

 Investment Policy, Statement of


 Leaves of Absence for Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff, Regulations on  (PDF iconFrench Version)

 Logo, Name and Other Trademarks, Use of McGill University's ( French version)


Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Extended Parental Leave for Members of the Academic Staff, Regulations on  (PDF iconFrench Version


 Naming of University Assets, Policy Relating to the  (French Version)

 Guidelines to Section 5 of the Policy Relating to the Naming of University Assets: Naming Duration for Significant Assets and Tangible Assets


Procurement Policy  (French Version)

 Procurement Card Regulation ( French version)

 Research Asset Management Procedure

 McGill University IT Asset Management Regulation 

Vehicle Asset Management Procedure

 Contract Management Internal Guidelines 

 McGill University Supplier Code of Conduct (French Version)

Cloud Directive (French version)

Guidelines for the Purchase and Use of Printing Paper and Printing Services


 Religious Holy Days, Policy for the Accommodation  (French Version

 Research Centres, Policy on  (PDF iconFrench Version)

PDF icon Research Misconduct, Regulations Concerning the Investigation of (French version )

PDF icon Retirement of Academic Staff, Regulations on


PDF icon Sabbatic leaves for Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff, Regulations on   (French Version)

PDF icon Safe Disclosure (“Whistle Blowing”), Policy on   (PDF iconFrench Version)

Safe Disclosure Reporting

 Senate Rules of Order and Procedure

PDF icon Sexual Violence, Policy against  (French Version)

PDF icon Procedures for the Investigation of Reports of Sexual Violence (French version)

Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education Website

PDF icon Smoking at McGill University, Policy Concerning    (French Version)

  Sponsorship Policy  (French version)

PDF icon Statement of Principles Concerning Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Peaceful Assembly French version)

PDF icon Operating Procedures Regarding Demonstrations, Protests and Occupations on McGill University Campuses

PDF icon Student Assessment Policy, University  (PDF iconFrench Version)

Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, Code of  (French Version)

Students with Disabilities, Policy Concerning the Rights of  (French Version)

 Student Grievance Procedures, Code of  (French version)

PDF icon Sustainability Policy​  (French Version)


PDF icon Total Compensation Policy for Senior Administrators


PDF icon Regulations Relating to Visiting Academic AppointmentsPDF icon French Version


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