Access to Documents and Protection of Personal Information

McGill University is subject to the “Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information”, R.S.Q., A-2.1.

Every person has a right of access, upon request, to the documents held by the University. However, the Act provides for certain restrictions to the right of access. For example, the right to access does not apply to certain documents such as sketches, outlines, drafts, preliminary notes, etc. In addition, the right of access only applies to documents that exist at the time of the request and that are held by the University in the exercise of its functions.

An important restriction to the right of access concerns the protection of confidential personal information. Personal information is any information about a person, which allows that person to be identified or distinguished from another. As a general principle, all personal information is confidential and cannot be disclosed without the consent of the person concerned.

 Access to Documents Request and Protection of Personal Information 

Requests for access to documents:

  1. May be made in writing or orally. (However, only a written request allows you to apply for review to the Commission d’accès à l’information.);

  2. Must be specific enough to enable the person in charge to locate the document(s) requested. Being specific will help to determine the admissibility of the request and will expedite the process.

Access to Documents Request for your Personal Information


  1. Must be made in writing;

  2. Must be located in a personal information file (e.g. an employee or student file) or provide specific indications to allow the documents to be located. Being specific will help to determine the admissibility of the request and will expedite the process.

It might be worth contacting Human Resources (for employees) or Service Point (for students) before filing an access request through Secretariat.


The Commission d’accès à l’information offers templates for access requests in Word and PDF formats, in English and in French.

How to file a request for access to documents

The person is charge of access to documents and of protection of personal information is the Secretary-General. 

Requests may be received:

By email:             accesstodocuments.secretariat [at]

By mail:              Office of the Secretary-General
​                           James Administration Building, Room 313 
​                           845 Sherbrooke Street West
​                           Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4
​                           Canada


By phone:             514-398-4719*
                          ​    *Document requests for personal information are receivable only in writing


McGill University Classification Plan

The McGill University Classification Plan allows for the classification, filing and identification of documents produced or received by the University. 

Annual Reports submitted to the Provincial Government

McGill University annually submits a report to the National Assembly which includes information on compensation of the senior administration (État de traitement)

The most recent annual report containing the État de traitement is here.

Previous reports may be found on the National Assembly Website by searching for “McGill” in the tabled documents of different sessions.


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