McGill University Enrolment Reports


    1. Breakdowns that are based on "levels" are defined as:
      • Undergraduate (Undergraduate, Dentistry/Law/Medicine).
      • Graduate (Masters, Graduate Diplomas and Certificates, Doctorate, Graduate Qualifying).
      • Residents and Fellows (Post Graduate Medicine/Dentistry).
      • Postdoctoral
    2. Full-time "loads" includes: full-time, non-resident, thesis full-time, thesis additional session, visiting additional session, thesis evaluation, thesis continuing, full-time away and non-resident exchange.
    3. Part-time "loads" includes: part-time, Continuing Education, leave of absence, thesis half-time and unknown time status.
    4. These statistics are headcounts of students, based on their primary curriculum.
    5. Non-credit activities are no longer included in these reports. There will be a new series of reports developed to capture all non-credit activities separately (such as Farm Management Technology, School of Continuing Studies CEU’s, etc.).
    6. Canadian residency categories are based on Proof of Citizenship and Proof of residence . Visa breakdowns are based on self-declared citizenship. Note that new students have until the end of their first term to prove their status, and so these numbers may be slightly different compared to end of term.
    7. Registration statistics are based on annual census data taken on October 15 each year.
    8. For graduation statistics:
      • Counts are based on degrees, thus a student awarded two degrees is counted twice.
      • Graduation statistics are based on an Academic Year, which comprises subsequent Fall, Winter, and Summer terms. For example, 2018-2019 = degrees awarded in Fall 2018, Winter 2018 and Summer 2019.

    Listed below are three tables:

    • The first table 'Enrolment Statistics' has multiple tabs: Overview by Level, Enrolments by Faculty, International Students – Top 20 countries.
    • The second table 'Interactive Enrolment Dashboard' has an interactive dashboard that allows filtering on various criteria such as Level, Faculty, Degree, Domestic/International, New/Returning, Mother Tongue, Country, etc. There are multiple tabs for: Enrolments Overview, International Enrolments by Country, Enrolments by Department of Major.
    • The third table ‘Graduation Statistics’ has multiple tabs: Summary by Level, Summary by Faculty, and Degrees Awarded by Faculty and Degree which can be filtered on the desired Faculty.
    • Note that in each table, you can navigate to the desired tab by selecting it at the top of the table.


    Enrolment Statistics

    Interactive Enrolment Dashboard

    2022-2023 Graduation Statistics

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