Enrolment Services Staff

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University Registrar and Executive Director/ Enrolment Services

gillian.nycum [at] mcgill.ca (Gillian Nycum) 

  • Assistant to the University Registrar and Executive Director: nadine.lessard [at] mcgill.ca (Nadine Lessard) 

Director of Admissions

kim.bartlett [at] mcgill.ca (Kim Bartlett)

  • Admissions Administrator: karil.samodai [at] mcgill.ca (Karil Samodai)
  • Associate Director of Admissions: Debbie Eperjesi
  • Manager, Graduate Admissions: Frank Babics
  • Senior Admissions Officers: Karen J'bari, Karen Sciortino
  • Admissions Officers: Anna Cianci, Allison Duff, Zorica Jeremic, Nicholas Maibroda, Alejandra Moreira-Cano, Joan Nachaty, Catherine Reisch, Rona Schwartz, Debra Wilde
  • Deferral Coordinator: Michael Mitchell

Associate Registrar / Academic Records, Exams and Convocation

Graduate and undergraduate records (admissions and student records); Postdoctoral Fellows; Research Trainees (undergraduate and graduate); integrity of the student record and transcript; graduation and diplomas; academic history and transfer credits; Convocation; permanent code; inter-university transfers; inter-faculty transfers; withdrawals; examinations (scheduling, management, scoring; external exam proctoring).

heidi.emami [at] mcgill.ca (Heidi Emami)

Records and Convocation Team

  • Associate Director, Student Records: Clara Spadafora
  • Convocation Coordinator: Laura Di Gravio
  • Records Administrators: Linda Anderson, Laura Battista, Tiffany Canto, Sera Ciarciello, Shelley Jardine, Shirin Pendar, Rodica Vascan
  • Clerical Team: Ken Duke, Alby Fough, Lorraine Griffin, Brian Rodrigues, Derek Williams



  • Manager: Charlotte Burns
  • Records Coordinators: Sue Camacho, Franca Iacampo, Joanne Kaplo, Carol Lashington, Marilyn Sauro, Margaret Tsang, Sonia Vaccaro, Ross White
  • Records Manager: Pauline Frixione
  • Records Administrator & Trainer: (TBD)
  • Records Administrator: Manal Abou-Ghaida


Exams Team

  • Chief Invigilator: Stanley Whyte
  • Exam Administrator: Elvira Chiappetta
  • Exam Coordinator: Ben Niro

Assistant Registrar

Registration; Programs and degree evaluation; GDEU - government reporting; fees liaison and fee exemptions; class schedule; SIS priorities and special projects

anna.walsh [at] mcgill.ca (F)fiona.lees [at] mcgill.ca (iona Lees) 

  • Administrative Assistant: maria.pietraroia [at] mcgill.ca (Maria Pietraroia)


  • Manager, Government reporting: Assaad Zakka
  • Government reporting administrator: Ida Lemme


Programs, degree evaluation and registration

  • Manager: TBA
  • Programs and degree evaluation: Vanessa Fabris, Kristina Kotoulas 
  • Registration Administrator: Paula Pombo



  • Editor: Snow Deschamps
  • Administrative Coordinator: Chantelle Thauvette

Assistant Registrar / Outreach, Recruitment and Communications

Undergraduate recruitment; Branches Program (McGill's Community Outreach Program); Welcome Centre; Communications; Open House; collaboration with University Advancement

dany.mercier [at] mcgill.ca (Dany Mercier) 


  • Senior Managers: Joelle Neish, Jenne Peterman
  • Recruitment Officers: Patricia Diaz del Castillo, Liana Hall Dumond, Melanie Element, Nicholas MacKenzie (including McGill Summer Academy), Chloé McCartney
  • Supervisor, Welcome Centre: Mélodie Lirette
  • Open House and Events: Debra Blanch

Community Outreach & Partnership

Branches Program

  • Associate Director: Veronica Amberg
  • Community Engagement Coordinator: Anurag Dhir,
  • Indigenous Recruitment & Admissions Officer: Jeffrey Morneau
  • Indigenous Community Outreach Associate: Larissa States


  • Manager, Communications & Strategic Initiatives: Adriana Rachubinski

Assistant Registrar / Systems, Project and Change Management

Project and change management (including Business Analysis, Process Improvement and Business need support), Undergraduate and Graduate admissions systems support, recruitment systems support, including Banner, McGillinMind, SIS security, and statistical reports (ad-hoc and production schedule ) for Student Information Systems

nermein.gamal [at] mcgill.ca (Nermein Gamal) 

Project and Change Management Team

  • Project Manager: Anik Vrancken
  • Project Manager: Riyad Zienni
  • Project Manager: Mark Quinsey


Systems Management

  • Systems Manager: John MacNeill
  • Ad hoc reporting, data warehouse: Brian Haughton
  • Ad hoc reporting, data warehouse: Shruthi Gandra
  • Banner SIS Security, Liaison with ICS: Saeed Farahdel
  • Admissions systems manager: Nitsa Kotoulas
  • Production Schedule Administrator, Admissions Support: Joanna Aroutian 
  • Production Schedule Administrator, Admissions Support: Kirththiga Murugupillai


Class Schedule

  • Manager, Class schedule: Leslie Chalmers
  • Class Scheduling Administrator: Jenny Dionatos
  • Class Scheduling Administrator: Lianne Barski
  • Class Scheduling Administrator: Rhea Saddick

Assistant Registrar and Director of Service Point

Service Point is the student-facing customer-service arm of Enrolment Services. We provide administrative services and assistance to Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Postdocs, Alumni, Prospective students, Applicants, Guests, and Parents.

romesh.vadivel [at] mcgill.ca (Romesh Vadivel) 

  • Operations Manager: Mark Campbell
  • Senior Service Professionals: Julie Asselin, Nathalie Michaud
  • Service Professionals: Amanda Simpson-Folco, Lysanne Selvaratnam
  • Service Improvement Associate: Jocelyn Gilbert


  • Continuous Improvement Manager: Rittu Sehgal
  • Senior Service Professional: Melanie Kozlan
  • Service Professionals: Jamie MacDonald, Renata Melhem, Kathryn McManus, Andrew Curtis, Linda Ortuso (on leave)

Manager / Human Resources & Finance

helene.fyfe [at] mcgill.ca (Hélène Fyfe) (514-398-3726)

  • Secretary: louise.lefebvre [at] mcgill.ca (Louise Lefebvre)
  • Administrative Assistant: Helen LeGrand
  • Administrative Affairs Assistant: Michael Laverty
  • Administrative Coordinator: Anabela Viaes


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