SIS Security Designates

Student Information System (SIS) Security Designate role

A SIS Security Designate is a staff member in an academic or business unit that has been authorized by Enrolment Services to approve security requests for access to functions in the Student Information System (SIS).

In the event your Security Designate is not available, a Dean, Associate Dean, Chair, Director, Associate Director, Registrar or Assistant Registrar can approve your request.

Each faculty office has their own SIS Security Designate who approves and authorizes SIS access requests from the departments in their faculty. Other areas such as Student Services, Student Accounts, Residences, Dean of Students, etc. have a Security Designate to approve requests from staff in their areas.

Enrolment Services has defined sets of business profiles (roles) that capture all required security access based on the users’ business responsibilities. The Security Designate will ensure that staff from their area are granted access to an appropriate pre-defined profile that provides all the access the user requires in support of their duties or business processes.

Users will fill out and submit the SIS Authorization Web request form ( which will automatically send an e-mail to their immediate supervisor. The supervisor will review the access being requested and if approved, will forward the request to their Security Designate. The e-mail will contain all the information that the user entered on the web form (supervisor information, user’s full name, ID number, phone number, e-mail address, role being requested, comments, etc.). To approve the access, the Security Designate will forward the e-mail to sis-security [at] with “Approved” in the first line of the message body. When the request has been be processed the user, supervisor and the Security Designate will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Audit reports that highlight what functions users have access to will be generated on a regular basis and made available to the Security Designates and key business stakeholders. The Security Designate should inform Enrolment Services of any changes to an employee’s status (such as staff leaving the University, changing departments, changing job roles, on leave, etc.).

Queries regarding access to the Student Information System should be directed to sis-security [at]


Enrolment Services
Mark Quinsey mark.quinsey [at]
Saeed Farahdel saeed.farahdel [at]
Graduate Studies
Margaret Li Margaret.Li [at]
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Silvana Pellecchia silvana.pellecchia [at]
Lee Lo Presti lee.lopresti [at]
Nevein Gamal Gamaleldin

nevein.gamalgamaleldin [at]

Romesh Vadivel romesh.vadivel [at]
Athletics and Recreation
Ameen Shaheen

ameen.shaheen [at]

Continuing Education
Lucy Chimienti lucia.chimienti [at]
Johnny Martuccio johnny.martuccio [at]
Dean of Students, Office
Cindy Mancuso cindy.mancuso [at]
Crystal Noronha crystal.noronha [at]

Yasmine Zein

yasmine.zein [at]
Lesley Morin lesley.morin [at]
Brittany Williams brittany.williams [at]
Chantal Chenard

chantal.chenard [at]

Doreen Lamfookon doreen.lamfookon [at]
Medicine (MD, CM Program Only)
Peter Imperioli peter.imperioli [at]
Medicine (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Aimee K. Ryan, Dr. aimee.ryan [at]
Patricia Antonelli patricia.antonelli [at]
Medicine (Post Graduate)
Ewa Sieminska ewa.sieminska [at]

Patrick O’Neill

patrick.oneill [at]


Jacqueline Courtney

jacqueline.courtney [at]
Petra Gaiser Petra.Gaiser [at]
Physical & Occupational Therapy

Daniel Baril

daniel.baril [at]
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Andreea Mandache andreea.mandache [at]
Peter Barry peter.barry [at]
Student Accounts
Crystal Yu crystal.yu [at]
Student Housing and Hospitality Services

Maxwell Turner

maxwell.turner [at]
Student Services

Evelina Ene

evelina.ene [at]
Teaching and Learning Services
Rodney Jean-Paul rodney.jean-paul [at]
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