ES Community

"Making work fun can be a great way to help employees feel good about where they work and what they do."

It is important to remember that we are all valuable members of our McGill family! We want our colleagues to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. This ES Community page will hopefully encourage everyone to embrace their work environment and participate in the different activities offered. It's a great way to team build, feel engaged and it's a wonderful way to get to know each other better! We want you to enjoy a better balance between your responsibilities at home and work by offering you the opportunity to participate in activities that you can enjoy. Staff spirit is an important part of the work experience, it contributes to our overall well-being and cultivates well-rounded staff whether it be on or off campus! 

…are you interested in being a part of the ES Community organizers? alexia.moro [at] (Let us know)!

Check out some of the upcoming activities happening in ES:

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