GDEU Government Reporting Unit

What is GDEU?

GDEU (Gestion des données sur l’effectif universitaire) is an enrolment data management system implemented by the Quebec Ministry of Education. It is primarily used to track student enrolment data within the Québec education network. This data is used to analyze retention and graduation rates, to forecast needs, to monitor new courses, programs and degrees, and to determine the allocation of operating funds and financial aid to universities.

All universities in Quebec are required by the Ministry to submit data regarding their students, activities (courses), and programs to GDEU. The submission of data to GDEU is based on a pre-established schedule determined by the Ministry. Once the Ministry has processed a submission, it is returned to McGill with a breakdown of records that were flagged as errors. The Government Reporting Unit (GRU) of Enrolment Services uses these weekly returns to follow up with various units and faculties ensuring that records are reviewed and corrected accordingly.

Minimizing errors is imperative because records that are rejected by the government result in loss of funding for those students. The higher the number of rejections the greater the financial impact is for the University.

McGill's registrarial deadlines for each term are:

  • Fall (01 Sep to 31 Dec): 31 January
  • Winter (01 Jan to 30 Apr): 01 June
  • Summer (01 May to 31 Aug): 01 October

Faculties and Units requiring a record change after these deadlines must submit an exceptional request for approval by GRU; these are known as Post-GDEU requests. For staff: click here for resources and instructions to submit a request.


GDEU Submission Cycle

  • Approximately weekly, the University transmits various data to the Ministry
  • Returns are received from the Ministry
  • GRU assesses the returns and follows up with the faculties
  • Faculties review the records and make corrections as appropriate
  • At the end of the reporting period, the final submission is transmitted to the Ministry
  • Record updates are normally not permitted after the final submission
  • Annual Audit is conducted


Annual Government Audit

As a publicly-funded university we are subject to an annual government audit conducted by an independent accounting firm. The audit is to ensure that the required data has been accurately reported to the Ministry. Data accuracy is significant; if there are too many errors the University will be penalized in its future operating budgets.

The audit period is from mid-June to late-August. It covers three consecutive terms, summer-fall-winter (e.g. in the academic year 2021-22, for the audit taking place in summer 2022, the audit terms will be summer 202005, fall 202009 and winter 202101). Although the number of student files selected is variable from year to year, typically, approximately 1,000 files are chosen for review. For every audit there are four "modules" for which we must provide documents:

  • Inscription: application and McGill transcript
  • Étrangers: McGill transcript, international health insurance, and legal documents (e.g. CAQ, study permit)
  • Études hors-QC: application for exchange or Study Away, Host transcript, transfer credit assessment form, McGill transcript
  • Résidents du QC: McGill transcript, legal documents (e.g. proof of Cdn as well as QC status)


McGILL units involved in the GDEU Process

Government Reporting Unit
This unit is responsible for the submission of GDEU data to the Ministry, ensuring that data errors are distributed for follow-up and correction, and providing GDEU-related data analysis.

Management of Academic Records Unit
This unit is responsible for the creation, modification, and validation of permanent codes. They are also responsible for the updating and correction of academic information appearing on student records.

Service Point
This unit is responsible for collecting documents concerning student legal status, as well as for updating this information in Minerva. This unit is also responsible for notifying GRU staff when academic or legal status issues arise.

School of Continuing Studies (SCS)
This unit is responsible for collecting documents and maintaining, updating and correcting student information in Minerva for SCS students only. This unit is also responsible for notifying GRU staff when academic or legal status issues arise.

Student Accounts Office
This unit is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of students' fee accounts, as well as ensuring that the Post-GDEU charge has been properly assessed when required.

Program and Degree Evaluation Unit
This unit is responsible for building and maintaining program information and solving registration related errors.

Class Scheduling Unit
This unit is responsible for maintaining the course catalogue, which includes information that affects GDEU data (e.g. credit weight, course delivery methods, CAFF codes), and for the scheduling the majority of courses at McGill.

Academic Faculties and/or Departments
These units are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their students' academic records by the Registrar's deadlines.

Analysis, Planning and Budget Unit (APB)
This unit is responsible for supporting McGill’s strategic planning and policy development. APB provides the Senior Administration with analyses of GDEU data, ensuring informed decisions and successful delivery of University strategic goals.

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