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Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology

Introducing fintech - the rapidly expanding subsector concerned with the digitization of financial services. The core competencies covered by this program include modelling and visualizing financial data and developing machine learning financial applications.

NEW! Graduate Certificate in Data-Driven Decision Making

Develop advanced skills to lead in data-centric environments, making informed decisions crucial for success in fields like health technology, infrastructure maintenance, and supply management.

NEW! Graduate Certificate in Data Analysis for Complex Systems

Designed for professionals with non-technical backgrounds, this program empowers you with data analysis and computational skills to improve processes and gain insights in the context of your work.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

This program covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to equip you with the industry’s latest digital tools and emerging best practices so you will be ready to build a successful career as a marketing professional.

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Marketing

Sharpen your skill set in integrated marketing communication, brand management, consumer behaviour, marketing research and analytics, digital marketing, services marketing, and marketing strategy.

Graduate Certificate in Business Management

This program aims to strengthen your skills in core competencies related to the field of business management while introducing you to shifting trends, new technologies, and essential techniques relevant to the industry.

Spring/Summer 2024 registration is open! Printemps/Ete 2024 l'inscription est ouverte!

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