Tuition and Fees

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To determine whether you will have to pay Quebec, non-Quebec (Canadian or Permanent Resident), or International tuition rates, please consult the Student Accounts website.

Financial Aid and Awards

Important: For students enrolled in online programs:

Students who have been admitted to online programs will be subject to deregulated fees if they are studying with a residence address outside the province, as the government does not fund the University for credit activities that are followed outside Quebec. All students will have to self-declare their location of study each term in Minerva.

Consult the student accounts website – Online Programs page for more information.


Exemption from international tuition fees may be claimed during the semester by students in certain categories.

Students must fill out the International Student Exemption Form and submit it to the School of Continuing Studies with the required documents. Students who qualify for one of the exemptions are then assessed at the Quebec tuition rate or Canadian tuition rate (as applicable).

NOTE: Health insurance is compulsory for international students. Please refer to International Student Services for further information.


Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $98.43 ($101.38 as of winter 2024) is required to apply to all SCS programs (paid online by credit card).

Fees for Credit and Non-credit Courses

Current students can check their course fees by logging into Minerva. All fees are subject to annual review. The University reserves the right to make changes without notice to the published scale of fees. Course fees are exempt from federal and provincial taxes (GST and QST).

Fees for Credit Courses

The official Continuing Studies fee schedule is available on the Student Accounts website.

Fees for Non-Credit Courses

The fees for non-credit courses are noted either beside the course description or in the department timetable in the Calendar.

The McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) and Career Advising and Transition Services fee may apply for certain non-credit courses. Refer to the official Continuing Studies fee schedule.

External Fees

The School of Continuing Studies is not responsible for any fees payable to an external association or institute.

Administrative Charges

In addition to tuition fees, the following administrative charges will appear on students’ e-bills:

Registration charge: The University will charge a registration fee to all students in credit courses and programs.

General Administrative charge: Students are assessed a general administrative charge for the Spring/Summer and Fall terms. Students registered in the Winter term will also be assessed a general administrative charge ONLY if they did not register for a course in the Fall term.

Transcripts and Diploma charge: This entitles students to order transcripts free of charge and covers the costs of producing diplomas and is charged to all students.

Copyright fee: This charge covers the cost of the annual fee that all Quebec universities are required to pay to Copibec for the right to photocopy material protected by copyright.

Information Technology charge: This charge covers certain technology services provided to students as well as to provide training and support to students in the use of new technology.

MACES charge: A fee per course is collected from each student on behalf of the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES). Students in short courses, seminars and workshops that are not recorded on the official McGill transcript are not assessed the MACES fee.

Career Advising and Transition Services charge: A flat fee is charged per term for Career Advising and Transition Services offerings.

McGill Writing Centre charge: A flat fee is charged for the McGill Writing Centre.

For complete details on administrative charges, please see the Student Accounts site.

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