International Students

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Located in Montreal, Canada, a city known for its European-style charm and North American appeal, McGill attracts students from over 150 countries each year who choose the University for its reputation, academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and diverse and inclusive culture.

Whether you want to learn a new skill like Data Analysis, enhance your expertise in Cloud Computing, or improve your English or French while gaining knowledge in subjects like Artificial Intelligence or Digital Marketing, McGill is the place for you.

Study Abroad Option

Credit program | 1 - 2 Semesters to complete

Want to study in Applied Marketing, Management, or Public Relations & Communications Management? This option lets you study for either one or two semesters, or to complete a short-term credit-bearing program of varying duration.

Upon completion, you will receive an official McGill transcript, and, if graduating from a short-term program, a corresponding credential. Year-long programs allow students to participate in paid internships in addition to their studies.

Semester@McGill (with Optional Service Learning)

Non-credit program | 16 weeks to complete

Prepare yourself for a successful career with Semester@McGill, a unique 16-week study abroad option that combines academic coursework and optional volunteering opportunities in a non-profit or charitable organization in Montreal. Develop essential cross-curricular 21st century skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, etc.) and competencies needed to thrive as a professional and gain first-hand experience in interpersonal and cross-cultural communication.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a record of study.

Summer/Winter Short Programs

Non-credit program | 3 - 4 weeks to complete

McGill’s Summer and Winter Short Programs bring together students from around the world to learn about popular topics such as Big Data, Digital Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Organizations, Machine Learning, and Sustainable Food Systems. These three-to-four-week programs also include cultural activities which allow you to discover McGill University and Montreal’s vibrant life and culture.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a record of study. Winter Short Programs are usually offered from mid-January to mid-February. Summer Short Programs are usually offered from mid-July to mid-August

6+6 Program

Non-credit program | 13 weeks to complete

Offered multiple times throughout the year, 6+6 is a 13-week program that provides you with a unique opportunity to improve your language ability while acquiring professional skills. The 6+6 model includes six weeks of English or French courses and two three-week Professional Development Programs offered in various fields of study such as Data Science, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing. As a participant in this program, you will also have the chance to enjoy a variety of social and cultural activities and discover the food, art, architecture, and culture of Montreal.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a record of study.

Contact us for more information on the programs above.
shortprograms.scs [at]

Certificate of Proficiency - English Language and Culture 

Offered 6 times throughout the year, the Certificate of Proficiency - English Language and Culture program provides you with the opportunity to achieve an advanced level of English and a deep understanding of culture in the English-speaking world. The program is a 6-week full time course that includes 24 hours a week of learning with two teachers and cultural exploration activities with Conversation Partners and community members. 

For more information on the English Language and Culture program, please contact us at language.conted [at]


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