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 Panel Discussion and Info Session

Information Session

During this panel discussion, we will bring together four leading women marketers from different backgrounds and industries to share their perspectives on what is working in digital marketing and what we can expect in the future.

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Information Session

During this event, we will explore the new digital media landscape, including trends, challenges and opportunities for digital marketing managers who want to carve out a career in this fast-growing field.

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The Future of Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Leaders From Across Sectors

During this panel discussion with leading digital marketers, we will explore the future of digital marketing and advertising.

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McGill SCS Information Session - Professional Development Certificates

Online Information Session

Wondering if a McGill Professional Development Certificate is for you? Get answers from our on-demand info session and learn about topics offered, delivery method, our approach to learning and teaching, tuition fees and how to apply. Plus, hear from actual students who will talk about their experience and how the program they chose helped them achieve their professional aims.

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Content Writers: This is How You Get an Edge on the Competition

You write well. Great. So do plenty of other people vying for the same jobs and contracts as you. How do you stand out? Really great writing will help, but great writing is only part of the package. If you really want to be the BEST choice for a content role or contract, you need to be awesome at SEO and trend management too. Putting content - great or otherwise - onto the web without factoring in SEO and trends is like shouting into the abyss.

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Courses & Workshops

5 Required courses (25 CEU’s)
YCBS 111 Content Marketing (5.0 CEUs)
Strategies and tactics involved in building an effective digital content marketing strategy. Research and evaluation of an organization’s web presence. Development and implementation of content strategy across relevant platforms, and measurement of the efficacy of the tactics chosen. Creation of digital content in the voice of a brand, for each digital platform on which that brand must communicate, including email and text.
YCBS 281 Digital Marketing Fundamentals (4.0 CEUs)
Overview of foundational digital marketing concepts and strategies; role of digital marketing in an organization; key features, benefits, risks, and audiences of current digital platforms and tools; evaluation of the most appropriate platforms to achieve an organization’s business objectives; tactics for effectively reaching and engaging target audiences; introduction to evaluation of performance of digital marketing campaigns.
YCBS 282 Digital Promotion and Advertising (6.0 CEUs)
Overview of digital marketing channels and how they work together as part of a digital ecosystem including social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Review of various digital advertising methods from both a technical and innovative perspective to reach a wider audience. Introduction to social media marketing, influencer marketing, display and video advertising. Digital marketing campaign measurement and analytics.
YCBS 283 Digital Marketing Strategy Capstone (6.0 CEUs)
Integration of knowledge and skills needed to develop a digital marketing strategy. Development process and key components of a strategic digital marketing plan and budget; evaluation of organization’s digital marketing maturity; alignment of organizational and digital marketing plan objectives; research, creation and management of online advertising and promotion campaigns; impact of stakeholders and partners on achieving objectives.
YCBS 284 Marketing Technologies (4.0 CEUs)
Role of technology in digital marketing and delivery of a superior customer experience; introduction to core technologies, platforms, and tools of Marketing Technology Stack; marketing and enterprise technology strategy alignment; design and functional requirements, user stories and user experience, development workflows; legacy systems; data acquisition strategies, reporting and dashboarding; system integration and maintenance.
1 Complementary course (4 or 5 CEU’s)
YCBS 285 Visual Content Creation for Digital Marketing (4.0 CEUs)
Overview of visual content creation technologies, tools, and best practices for both video and still images. Visual content creation process from inception to export for digital (marketing) outputs.
YCPD 003 Agile Project Management: Practice & Certification Preparation (5.0 CEUs)
Overview of agile project management concepts, practices, processes, and methods. Agile mindset, values, ethics, and conduct. Organizational factors and implementation of agile practices. Agile Scrum framework. Agile communication, collaboration, and team coaching. Access to PMI-ACP-style exam questions to assist with preparation for the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® examination administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


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