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SCS Community

Our School is a community, with students at its core. Together with instructors, staff, alumni, donors, and partners, we have the potential to be a dynamic force for positive change.

Whether our students are on campus or online, they play an active role. They share their knowledge with classmates, attend workshops and events, and inspire others to pursue their personal and professional goals.   



They’re active outside the School, as well. Just a few examples include organizing public events, preparing real-life case studies, and completing on-site practicums. Staff members offer help and guidance, instructors provide industry expertise, and our donors’ generosity supports us every step of the way.

Even when they complete their studies, our learners have the opportunity to remain active within McGill’s network of 250,000 alumni. We welcome all community members to engage in online discussions, give back to the School, and celebrate our shared success. Together, we will continue to deliver on our promise of striving for excellence in all that we do.



World Champions

It’s official: our Supply Chain and Operations Management students are a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. 


Our Alumni

Connect with great minds. Our alumni are young professionals, industry specialists, and lifelong learners.


Our Instructors

Our instructors are leaders – in the classroom, as well as in their profession.




Julie – I Dared to Make an Impact


Montreal Voted #1 Best Student City in 2017

McGill PR Students see Bon Jovi at the Montreal Bell Centre



”The people at the School are what really made it for me. The teachers I studied with were not just professionals, but role models. I noticed right off the bat that they were plugged-in, energetic people – they were truly alive, and that sparked my own motivation.”

Adam Coape-Arnold
Graduate, Entrepreneurship; Prize winner, 2014 McGill Dobson Cup Start-Up Competition

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