Professional Development Certificates

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Advance your career with practical courses and programs designed to help you develop specialized skills in demand in today's marketplace.

A Professional Development Certificate is a non-credit transcript micro-program of no less than 12 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). The micro-programs are primarily targeted at professionals who already have some experience in a specific industry or professional field and wish to sharpen their professional skills and competencies, as well as validate them through academic recognition.


McGill SCS - Project Management
Project Management

This program aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage organizational projects from conception to completion no matter the scale or industry.

McGill SCS PDC Residential and Condominium Management
Residential and Condominium Property Management

This bilingual program is designed to equip property managers, administrators of condominiums and residential real estate investors with the knowledge and skills required to manage all types of residential properties, including mixed-use properties.

McGill SCS PDC Business Analytics
Data Analytics for Business

With data in plentiful supply, it’s more and more important for organizations to be able to turn data into meaningful insights that lead to concrete decisions and business results.

McGill SCS PDC Data Science Machine Learning
Data Science and Machine Learning

This practical program aims to equip participants with essential data science and machine learning knowledge and skills needed for a career as a data analyst, machine learning practitioner, or junior data scientist.

McGill SCS PDC Applied Aritificial Intelligence
Applied Artificial Intelligence

This advanced and practical non-credit professional development certificate program is designed to equip participants with the skills required to be highly proficient data scientists and Al developers.

McGill SCS PDC Collaboration and Productivity
Collaboration and Productivity

This non-credit Professional Development Certificate program aims to develop “T-shaped” professionals equipped with an essential blend of competencies and skills required to succeed in any modern collaborative workplace environment.

McGill SCS PDS Parliamentary Governance
Parliamentary Governance (For Members of Parliament)

The program focuses on the fundamentals of parliamentary governance, including an overview of the three arms of government, different parliamentary models in the Commonwealth, the core functions of parliament, executive-legislative relations, the role of an MP, as well as the relationship between parliament and the media.

McGill SCS PDC Parliamentary Management
Parliamentary Management

This unique program provides an exceptional professional skill building opportunity for mid-level and senior parliamentary staff involved in the corporate governance of parliaments.

McGill SCS PDC Executive Production in Creative Industries
Executive Production in Creative Industries

The only program of its kind in Canada, this PDC can prepare aspiring professionals to launch or advance their careers on the business side of entertainment, or enable professionals in a variety of industries further specialize to apply their trade to roles in the creative industries.




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