Paying your Fees

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E-Billing and Your Fees

Shortly after completing registration, you will receive an email through your McGill account notifying you that your electronic bill is ready for review. You are responsible for paying your fees on time.

Failing to check your McGill email regularly is not grounds for a reversal of interest charges and/or late payment fees.

To view your electronic bill, log in to Minerva and select: STUDENT MENU -> STUDENT ACCOUNTS. Please verify that the amounts owing are correct.

If you are a Quebec resident and have not yet supplied proof of residency, you have until the end of the current session to do so and have your fees adjusted. You will still be responsible for any interest charges accumulated, as well as any course change or drop fees.


Please check your account on Minerva before calling Client Services (514-398-6200), as the balance on your account may have been updated since the last statement.

Additional information

  • Charges are billed once. If left unpaid, they will appear on your next e-bill as “previously billed balance.”
  • Each charge is associated with an invoice number.
  • Payments are applied to tuition first, followed by any other charges.
  • Payments are applied against the oldest term’s charges first, except in rare instances (i.e.: housing charges).
  • If you are sponsored by an external agency, your bill will show a payment from a third party. Remaining charges must be paid by you.


For complete information on e-billing, see Student Accounts.

Making a Payment

Online payment is the easiest and most efficient way of ensuring that your fees are paid on time. When setting up online payment through your bank, add McGill University as the payee. Your account is your McGill ID number.

You can find information as to how to make payments from within Canada, outside Canada or from the USA by going to the Student Accounts website. If you have questions, please check our FAQ page for further information.


Students must check their account balances on Minerva. See the sections on Overdue Accounts for complete information on late fees and interest payments. Interest will be charged after the fees due date and on any overdue balances.

The University has no obligation to issue any transcript of record, award any diploma, or re-register a student in the case of non-payment of tuition fees, library fees, residence fees or loans on their due date.

Until arrangements have been made to settle all debts, students will be denied access to Minerva’s registration functions. Students owing amounts must make payment arrangements prior to the start of classes, either with the Student Aid Office or the Students Account Office.

Refund Request

A credit balance in your student account is money that we owe you. You may leave this in your account for the next term or you may request a refund.

Refunds are not automatically issued as a result of course withdrawals or for any other reason. You must request a refund on Minerva, otherwise any amount owing to will be credited to your account.

If the course from which you withdraw is your only course, your McGill ID card must be returned, as it is the property of McGill University.

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