Legal Documents

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What legal documents do we need from you?

Your tuition fees at McGill will vary according to your residency status and will depend on whether you are a Quebec student, a Canadian student from another province or territory, or an international student. There are a number of legal documents that help us determine your residency status for tuition purposes that you need to submit before registering for courses.

Some of the documents we ask for allow us to obtain your Permanent Code from the Government of Quebec. This unique 12-character code, issued by the Ministry of Education, is obligatory for all students registered at a Quebec educational institution.

Refer to the list below and make sure that you submit clear, complete and legible copies of your documents. All documents must be valid (not expired).


All Canadian Students (including Quebec students) must submit:

  1. A completed and signed Permanent Code Data form
  2. One of the legal documents below:
    • Quebec Birth Certificate (Must have the notation “Certified” or “Certifié conforme”)*
    • Canadian Birth Certificate (If you were born in Canada in a province or territory other than Quebec)*
    • Canadian Citizenship Card or Canadian Citizenship Certificate(Both front and back of card)
    • Certificate of Indian Status Card (Both front and back of card) or Makivik Society Card (Documents must be accompanied with the Band Letter)
    • Permanent Resident Card (Both front and back of card) and Record of Landing Paper (IMM 1000 or 5292)


    *If you already have a valid Quebec Permanent Code, a copy of your valid Canadian passport may be accepted.

    If applicable, Canadian students may also claim Quebec residency through one of the situations outlined by the Ministry of Education. Please download an Attestation of Quebec Resident Status form .

    If you are unsure as to which Quebec Resident description best describes your situation, please consult the 14 situations outline by the Quebec Government.


    All International Students (including USA students) must submit:

    (Note: If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you are considered an international student.)

    1. A completed and Permanent Code Data form. Download a copy.
      Note: If you have already provided us with your valid Quebec Permanent Code, you do not need to complete this form.
    2. Your Immigration documents, as follows:

    If you will be in Canada for less than 6 months (e.g., if you are planning to study with us for only one semester):

    • Photocopy of your valid signed Passport and Visitor’s Permit
      (issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada at your port of entry into Canada)


    • Photocopy of your valid signed Passport and Entry Stamp
      (issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada at your port of entry)


    • Photocopy of your valid signed Passport and valid Work Permit
      Note: All visas must be valid until the last day of the semester.

    If you will be in Canada for more than 6 months (e.g., if you are planning to study with us two or more semesters):

    • Photocopy of your valid signed Passport and Study Permit (issued by Immigration Canada).
      If you are a refugee, you should provide your Convention Refugee status document instead.


    • Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ), with proper level of study (Certificat d’acceptation du Québec)

    For more information, please see the Legal Documents McGill Website.


    Submitting Your Documents

    You can send your legal documents by email attachment or by regular mail, courier or you can deliver them in person to the School.

    By Email to: legaldocuments.conted [at]

    1. Send scanned documents as attachments
    2. Documents must be machine-scanned, photographs are cannot be accepted
    3. Do not crop or annotate your scans
    4. Only standard non-encrypted PDF or TIF file formats will be accepted
    5. Resolution no less than 300 dpi. Maximum file size of 3MB per image
    6. The file name should be short with no special characters such as the French accent circonflexe “ê” etc. We suggest using the name of the document type with the McGill ID number (e.g. Birth Certificate 260000000)
    7. Put your name and McGill ID number in the subject line of your e-mail

    TIP: when scanning your documents, review your scan before forwarding to us, to ensure the scan is clear and not cut off. If using a uPrint machine on campus, email the documents to yourself first, review, then forward. Follow these links for scanning and emailing instructions for the campus uPrint machine.


    By mail or courier or in-person at:

    McGill University
    School of Continuing Studies
    Client Services
    688 Sherbrooke Street West
    11th Floor, Suite 1199
    Montreal, QC H3A 3R1

    By fax at: 514-398-2650

    Students are responsible to cover their own courier charges.

    This option is not recommended as legal documents may not be legible, resulting in significant delays.

    If you have difficulty submitting your documents, contact Client Services.

    Once we receive your legal documents in a clear and legible format, your tuition and immigration status will be updated on Minerva. To review your residency status, simply login to Minerva and select Student from the menu, scroll down and select the Student Accounts menu. View Account Summary by Term.



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