Governing Documents Updates

Recent Approvals

Recently Added

Governing Document Name Approval Date
Policy on the Governance of Personal Information (Version française) October 5, 2023
Policy on Research Entities                                         December 14, 2023

Recently Revised

Governing Document Name Revision Date  
Board of Governors Rules of Order and Procedure August 31, 2023
Policy on the Approval of Contracts and Designation of Signing Authority October 5, 2023
Sustainability Policy December 14, 2023
Sustainable Procurement Policy December 14, 2023
Regulation on Conflict of Interest February 8, 2024
Policy on Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Participants (link forthcoming) February 8, 2024

Recently Repealed

Governing Document Name Repeal Date     
Policy on Research Centres (Replaced by the new Policy on Research Entities)                 December 14, 2023

Under Development or Review

Development of New Governing Documents

Governing Document Name
Policy on Asset Management
Policy on Indigenous Membership and Citizenship

Review of Existing Governing Documents

Governing Document Name
Anti-Doping Policy
Regulation on Conduct of Research (Version française
Policy on Official End of Course Evaluations  (Version française)
Policy on Hazing and Inappropriate Initiation Practices (Version française)
Policy on Harassment and Discrimination  (Version française)
Regulations on Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Extended Parental Leave for Members of the Academic Staff (Version française
Policy for the Accommodation Religious Holy Days (Version française)
Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (Version française)
Policy Concerning the Rights of Students with Disabilities (Version française)
Code of Student Grievance Procedures (Version française)
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