Commissioner for oaths

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

Commissioners for oaths are empowered to administer oaths. They can officiate an oath that a person takes before them, affirming, for example, that the information contained in a document is true, or that a certain document is a true copy of the original.

Do I need a Commissioner for oaths to sign my documents?

You might want to communicate with the organization requiring your documents to make sure Commissioner for Oaths is the service you need.

Commissioner for oaths at McGill

The members of the administrative staff listed below are Commissioners for Oaths and are willing to act in this capacity for the benefit of other University staff and students:


Office of Sponsored Research
James Administration Building, 2nd floor
Note: this service is provided to McGill faculty only for grant application-related purposes. For more information, please visit the Research and Innovation website.

Directors on Duty
Legal Information Clinic at McGill
William Shatner University Centre
3480 McTavish, Room 107


Amanda Johnston
Academic Affairs Administrator
Institute of Parasitology, suite P-112

amanda.johnston [at]

Commissioner for Oaths are also available in the Office of the Directors of Professional Services in the teaching and affiliated hospitals.

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