McGill University Records Retention Schedule (MURRS)


The McGill University Archives is pleased to present the records retention schedule replacing the previous one established in 1998. This schedule is intended to cover all the rules for the preservation of documents affecting all the University's activities.

The revision of the schedule was based on a simplified application of the rules, basing them on the University's current mandates, processes, and activities, ensuring that they can also be applied to any information management system in a digital environment. For example, by linking a retention rule to a process or activity, it now becomes simpler to identify the final disposition of all related documents. In particular, this approach will facilitate its application to the management of digital documents and records.

This new schedule, approved by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, is now the reference in terms of managing the life cycle of documents and information, whether digital or paper, for all of the University's activities. In particular, the retention schedule ensures better control and more efficient management of the documents produced and preserved by the University.

Regulatory Conformity

The McGill University Records Retention Schedule (MURRS) is an important tool for the sound management of the institution’s records. Its establishment, ongoing updates and use are required by the Archives Act.

Update and Use

To ensure uniformity, the Classification Plan will be updated as needed by the McGill University Archives.

Retention rules will be kept up to date to meet the University's needs and to comply with the regulatory framework.

The McGill University Archives is pleased to work with you to determine the best way to use the retention schedule (MURRS) and proceed with its implementation in your unit.

Typical chart of a records retention rule

The accompanying chart for reading a retention rule presented is intended to provide a clear overview of the typical content of a retention rule. In addition, the following are some general points that apply to the overall content of the retention schedule:

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McGill University Records Retention Schedule (MURRS)PDF icon

Series Title
1. Administration and Management
2. Legal Affairs
3. Financial Resources Management
4. Human Resources Management
5. Facilities and Material Management
6. Information Management
7. Communications and Relations
8. Academic Affairs and Teaching
9. Student Affairs
10. Research and Innovation
11. Affiliations and Partnerships
12. Services to the Community

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