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The McGill University Archives is responsible for McGill University's Records Management. Find out more.

McGill University Classification Plan

The McGill University Classification Plan allows for the classification, filing and identification of documents produced or received by the University.Details

The implementation of the McGill University Classification Plan in a unit takes place upon the request of the unit at the McGill University Archives. After analyzing and identifying the records management needs of a unit, the implementation of recommendations may include the following steps: weeding of the active documents, personnel training, records inventory and temporary identification of classification codes, validation and other technical operations (physical folders labelling and reorganization of physical records, etc.). The McGill University Archives will customize the Classification Plan to the unit’s needs and provide ongoing support.

McGill University Record Retention Schedule

The principal tool of the records management program is MURRS, a compilation of rules guiding when and if records can be destroyed.

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Transferring records

Information for McGill departments, faculties, or offices transferring records to the University Archives.

Digitization Guidelines

These guidelines outline the procedure for the development of a compliant digitization program where the digitized record replaces the paper record. Details

The implementation of the guidelines for administrative records occurs in collaboration with your unit and the McGill University Archives. After analyzing and identifying the targeted records to be digitized, the implementation recommendations will include the following steps: identification of the University Classification code of the records, validation of technical aspects of the project, and identification of the proper retention rule. This is to ensure compliance to the McGill legal framework.

Read the guidelines, and please records.archives [at] (subject: Digitization%20Guidelines) (contact us) at the beginning of a project to ensure compliance before applying the guidelines.

Contact us at records.archives [at] with any questions relating to records management at McGill or wish to request a file originating from your office.

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