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Annex A to McGill Privacy Notice

What categories of Personal Information do we process and for what purposes?

This Annex A to the Privacy Notice sets out the specific purposes for which we collect, use and disclose Personal Information from the different categories of McGill audiences identified below. This Annex A, along with our Privacy Notice, may be supplemented by additional privacy notices, disclosures, or consents pertaining to categories of Personal Information not treated in this Annex A.

Prospective Students

Categories of Personal Information

At various points during the student recruitment, admission, and enrolment processes, the following types of Personal Information concerning you are collected and processed by McGill:

  • Legal last name, legal first name, preferred name
  • Preferred pronouns (optional)
  • Contact information (e.g., email address, phone number, mailing address)
  • Legal sex designation
  • Date of birth
  • Unique identifier(s) as applicable (e.g., Québec Permanent Code, student ID or other)
  • Your residence and citizenship status
  • First and preferred languages
  • Indigenous person status (optional)
  • Information about your academic background, employment, personal experiences and program selection
  • Financial information to determine eligibility for student financial aid (optional)
  • Name and contact information for persons authorized to communicate with McGill on your behalf (optional)
  • Your payment details for applicable fees (e.g., credit card or wire transfer details, payment status).
  • Letters of recommendation, evaluations, test scores (program dependant)
  • Any additional Personal Information you voluntarily provide to McGill



McGill collects Personal Information from prospective students in order to:

  • Assess and administer your application, admission, and enrolment
  • Assess your eligibility for student financial aid
  • Communicate with you
  • Conduct internal quality improvement
  • Carry out other administrative processes needed to provide educational opportunities

If you are admitted and enroll at McGill, your Personal Information collected during the recruitment, admission, and enrolment processes will become part of your “student” record.

Communication with Third Parties

We may share your Personal Information with public bodies or educational partners as needed to administer your relevant application, admission and enrolment processes (e.g., The Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MES), institutions you attended, external or internal funding authorities), in accordance with applicable privacy laws. More detailed information is provided to you when you apply to McGill.

Refer to Section 3 the of McGill Privacy Notice for more information about potential sharing of Personal Information outside of McGill in particular circumstances permitted or required by law.


Categories of Personal Information

Once admitted as a student (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, visiting or exchange student), the information you have provided as a prospective student during the admission process will be incorporated into your student file and retained by McGill. We may ask you for additional Personal Information to further complete your student profile such as your location of study for distance programs or travel details for students participating in University-approved travel.

We will also collect Personal Information throughout your university journey, such as:

  • McGill Student ID number
  • Photo (for McGill Student ID)
  • McGill email address
  • Academic performance
  • Grades
  • Payment information
  • Participation or interest in extracurricular activities
  • Housing information
  • Course registration
  • Financial aid information
  • Awards / Scholarships
  • Student counseling information
  • Accommodation information (e.g., in relation to a disability, mental health condition, chronic health condition, or other impairment)
  • Health information with your express consent (e.g., when you ask for a medical consultation) Any health information is subject to very restricted access
  • Any additional information you provide to McGill on a voluntary basis.


International students

If you are an international student who will attend McGill as undergraduate, graduate, visiting or exchange student, our International Student Services (ISS) office will process additional Personal Information in order assist you to obtain and maintain appropriate immigration/visa status, and provide other non-academic services relevant to international students, such as:

  • Financial support resources
  • Admission or enrolment status as required to be shared with government authorities


We will use the Personal Information referred to in this section to make available educational opportunities to you and to provide you with training and educational materials. The Personal Information referred to in this section will also be used to manage and assist you with the following, as applicable:

  • To communicate with you, to respond to your requests
  • To assess your compliance with your program’s guidelines and requirements as well as evaluate if you meet the requirements for graduation
  • To maintain student records
  • To process transactions and manage other financial matters, including government and institutional financial assistance
  • To determine applicable tuition and fees
  • To assist you with managing your immigration/visa status
  • To manage academic and other accommodations (e.g., in relation to a disability, mental health condition, chronic health condition, or other impairment)
  • To provide advice, health care services, health and safety
  • To manage housing needs
  • To monitor attendance, where applicable
  • To provide academic and career information and guidance
  • To manage behavioural or disciplinary issues
  • To manage claims or litigation
  • For recruitment
  • To administer and improve programs and the student experience
  • To conduct research and produce statistics
  • For quality control in the provision of services
  • To meet legal and reporting obligations
  • To report to government authorities in compliance with reporting obligations, including course registration and success or failure in courses as relevant and program completion


We will communicate certain Personal Information to the University Advancement unit following your enrolment, to permit a lifetime relationship between you and McGill: See University Advancement Data below for more information.

Your registration in online and campus-based courses with an online component will lead to our processing of your Personal Information, including your name, student ID, email address, and any information you provide in creating a learner profile. For such courses, we (either directly or using third party service providers) collect information regarding your interactions with the course, including online interactions with other course participants, posts to the learning community, engagement with course materials, and test and assignment scores.

McGill offers a variety of professional services to students in relation to mental health, physical health, accommodations, immigration, and financial aid. Due to the sensitive nature of Personal Information and Personal Health Information that may be shared with professional services, you may be required to provide express consent (e.g., by signing consent forms) prior to accessing services or to share relevant Personal Information with a third party to benefit from the full scope of services. Additional security measures are applied to Sensitive Personal Information (which conform to applicable regulatory requirements).

Communication with Third Parties

In each case subject to written agreement with the third party and compliance with applicable privacy laws:

  • We may share your Personal Information with third party service providers for the provision of educational services.
  • We may also share your Personal Information with public bodies or educational partners as needed to administer relevant processes in connection with your university journey, such as successful course and program completion, failure, and withdrawal in your academic courses, verification of residency and immigration status, liaison with collaborating/exchange institutions/partners (e.g., The Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MES), institutions you attended, external or internal funding authorities, government aid administration, all in accordance with applicable privacy laws).
  • We will share your necessary contact and program information with the relevant representative body for students (e.g., Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)) in order that they may coordinate various services, activities, and benefits for their members, such as procurement of (optional) health insurance.

Job Applicants, Prospective Employees, Employees, Former Employees and Retirees

Categories of Personal Information

McGill collects Personal Information on candidates and prospective employees, current employees and former employees and retirees. When you apply for a job at McGill, we ask that you provide your name and basic contact information as well as information about your experience and professional background (your curriculum vitae). This information is required to evaluate your application. Once hired, we may ask additional Personal Information to complete your employee profile. We have a legal obligation to retain some of the Personal Information you provided at the time of our job application, during your employment and at the conclusion of your employment.

McGill collects the following categories of Personal Information:

  • Legal last name, legal first name and preferred name
  • Legal sex designation
  • Date of birth
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Contact information (e.g., email address, phone number, mailing address)
  • Position applied to
  • Curriculum vitae, employment history, diplomas, certifications, trainings undertaken
  • Financial information, including income, banking information for payroll deposits
  • Last name, first name and telephone number of an emergency contact
  • Information on your eligibility to work in Canada
  • Marital status, number and status of dependants, name and contact details of spouse or partner and children (for group insurance and pension purposes)
  • Basic medical information (allergies, health status, health insurance plan)
  • Background check and credit screening where required (and authorized by candidate)
  • Employment equity and diversity information (optional Equity and Diversity survey).
  • Any additional information you provide to McGill on a voluntary basis.



Your Personal Information may be used by us for the following purposes, as applicable:

  • To communicate with you
  • Evaluation of your application
  • Verification of application information (e.g., contacting references as authorized by the applicant)
  • Implementation of our Equal Access to Employment program,
  • Creation of an employee or contact record
  • Determination and administration of working conditions, benefits or contractual terms and conditions
  • To manage disciplinary issues
  • Administrative management of employee files
  • Verification of general state of health (ability required to safely perform the job or offer the service),
  • Management of compensation claims or employment-related litigation,
  • To conduct research and produce statistics
  • For quality control in the provision of services
  • Subscription to a group insurance plan
  • Compliance with legal obligations including administrative and human resources obligations, where applicable


Foreign workers who will be working at McGill will be asked to provide Personal Information in order to provide assistance to obtain and maintain appropriate immigration/visa status (e.g., name, contact information, financial resources, enrolment status as required to be shared with government authorities), and provide other services relevant to foreign workers.

Communication to third parties

To enable us to provide administrative and related services to you, McGill University may share your Personal Information with third parties such as:

  • Unions and Associations (representing McGill staff)
  • Government agencies, (e.g., including the Canada Revenue Agency, Revenue Québec, and the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST))
  • Bureau de Coopération Interuniversitaire (BCI)

University Advancement Data: Alumni, Prospective Donors, Donors, Volunteers

Categories of Personal Information

McGill’s University Advancement unit collects and processes Personal Information relating to alumni, prospective, current and future donors; and volunteers. This Personal Information includes the following categories of information, as applicable:

Contact and Biographical Information
  • Legal last name, legal first name, and prior name
  • Your preferred form of address (e.g., name, salutation, pronoun)
  • Contact information (e.g., email address, phone number, mailing address)
  • Student ID
  • Date of birth
  • Degree(s) and certificate(s) earned, year(s) conferred
  • Details of your McGill experience (e.g., residence, athletics and student activities)
  • Awards received while studying at McGill (e.g., prizes, scholarships, bursaries, other forms of recognition)
  • Additional academic information
  • Professional, employment and business information (e.g., positions, professional memberships and qualifications)
  • Family details and relationships with other McGill community members.
  • Other notable achievements, interests and affiliations


Engagement and fundraising activities
  • Event invitation and attendance history
  • Volunteer roles and volunteer activities
  • Your membership to a McGill or affiliated entity body (e.g., member of Board of Governors, Trustee)
  • Records of our interactions with you and your participation in our activities (e.g., correspondence, notes of meetings or discussions, attendance history)
  • Publicly available information (e.g., public records, directories, social media networks, and market research sources)
  • History of communications with you
  • Photographs and other media from McGill and affiliated events
  • Links to your public social media presence (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, website or blog)
  • Your membership in McGill social media groups
  • Any additional information you provide to McGill or an affiliated entity on a voluntary basis
Potential giving and giving
  • Your likely philanthropic interests
  • Select public information about your wealth and your estimated philanthropic capacity
  • Philanthropic solicitations and giving history
  • Payment information as required for the timely processing of your donations
  • Legacy documentation, including correspondence with current and prospective testators and representatives, copies of relevant wills or extracts of wills
  • Publicly available reputational information about you for gift acceptance and compliance purposes


We will use the Personal Information referred to in this section for the following purposes, as applicable:

For Communication, Engagement, Fundraising and Donor Stewardship
  • To help us enrich your engagement with the McGill community; to foster lifelong relationships with alumni and donors, and for fundraising purposes
  • To keep you informed about McGill news, academic and research developments, upcoming events, available resources, reunions, volunteering opportunities, fundraising priorities, special offers and progress updates that are relevant to you.
  • To provide acknowledgement, recognition and stewardship of your donations and volunteer activities.
For Administrative Processes, Compliance, Governance and Quality Improvement
  • To support administrative processes (e.g., to manage attendance at events, to accept and process gifts received)
  • To comply with governance, legal and gift compliance obligations
  • To promote internal quality improvement
  • To prepare analytical and statistical reports

Communication to third parties

McGill graduates and some categories of students are granted membership to the McGill Alumni Association (MAA). Since McGill manages and maintains the alumni database, a limited set of your Personal Information will be communicated by McGill to the MAA as needed for the MAA to communicate with you and to help carry out the above purposes.

In order to help carry out the above purposes on an international level, in certain cases, we may share Personal Information with our affiliated organizations and with international philanthropy partners for gift processing.

McGill volunteers—who assist the University with engagement and/or fundraising mandates and are under a contract obliging them to treat the information in a secure and confidential manner—may receive contact information and other Personal Information necessary to carry out their mandate. This helps to ensure that if they ask for your support, these requests are respectful, professional, and relevant to you.

How we Collect Personal Information

McGill’s University Advancement unit obtains and updates Personal Information from various sources:

From you, including when you:

  • Provided information to McGill as a student – some Personal Information is transferred from Enrolment Services to University Advancement following a student’s enrolment.
  • Provide information through a McGill website or portal or other means (e.g., phone call or by mail) or through the act of donating or through volunteering
  • Meet, communicate and interact with University representatives
  • Register or attend a University-related event
  • Voluntarily provide any additional information to McGill or a volunteer carrying out a mandate on behalf of McGill

From third parties, including:

  • Publicly available sources to assist with the above purposes, (e.g., public records, directories, social media networks, and market research sources)
  • Affiliated organizations (and international philanthropy partners).

Research Participants

Overview and Contact Information

As a Research Participant, you will receive information from the research or project team about how your Personal Information will be used in the research project or study. If you have any questions about how your Personal Information will be used, please contact the research team directly using contact details provided to you by the team. Given the vast range of research being carried out at McGill, participant information is likely to be specific to your project.

When does the information in this Annex A (part of the McGill Privacy Notice) apply to me?

The information in this Annex A is relevant to you if you:

(a) agreed to participate in a research study or project run by researchers at McGill University; and/or
(b) provided your Personal Information to another organization that shared such Personal Information with McGill for research purposes.

With respect to case (a) above, the general information in this Annex A is intended to supplement the specific information that you have already been given (e.g., on a participant information sheet or a consent form) in connection with your participation in a research study or project run by academic researchers at McGill University. That specific information is meant to provide details such as the types of Personal Information being used in the study, how researchers are collecting that information from you and/or from other sources, and whether the University is collaborating with any other organizations to run the study (e.g., other universities, hospitals, or sponsors of the research, as the case may be). If there is any contradiction between this general information and the specific information that you have already been given, the specific information will take precedence.

With respect to case (b) above, we will have obtained your Personal Information subject to assurances from such other organization that it is legally authorized to share that information with us for research purposes. The specific research information you have been provided (e.g., on a participant information sheet or a consent form) explains how we will handle your Personal Information and our commitment to protect your privacy and comply with applicable data protection laws.

How will my Personal Information be used in the context of academic research?

Your Personal Information will be used by McGill (faculty, staff and relevant departments and research units), and any other third parties as applicable (e.g., collaborating universities or hospitals, research sponsors) in accordance with the notices and disclosures that will have been provided to you in the participant information letter/consent form.

It is common practice for research data collected for the purpose of a particular study to be reused for continued study in a related project. Any sharing of Personal Information outside the scope of the specific study you are involved in will only be done with your consent and/or in compliance with applicable laws.

Website Users

When you visit a website, we may collect certain information automatically, such as your Internet Protocol address (“IP address”), your geographic region, information on your interaction with our websites, its content and with our online advertising, such as what links you click and what you download, the date and time of your visit, the information collected via cookies and other tracking technologies such as web beacons as well as other information about your web browser and device. Such information does not necessarily constitute Personal Information. It is possible to browse our websites anonymously. The collection of websites users’ information (which may include Personal Information) by McGill, will comply with your preference regarding the use of cookies (and similar technologies) that you select via the cookie banner on our websites or in the cookie settings section of our websites.

Please refer to our Cookies Notice for detailed information regarding cookies and other tracking technologies employed by McGill, including the purposes for which McGill is using cookies and our use of third-party cookies.

We may also collect your Personal Information that you provide us directly through your interactions with our website, such as by completing a form, providing sign-in information or using a live chat module. Please refer to the other sections in this Annex A for more information on the processing of Personal Information by McGill per each type of audience.

Administrative Studies and Survey Participants

McGill collects information to provide for quality assurance, process improvement and other administrative objectives. For example, as disclosed under various parts of the McGill Privacy Notice, McGill may use your Personal Information to analyze human resources functions, to generate statistics or to comply with McGill policies.

There are three different types of data collection practices in the context of surveys:

Type of Data Collection


Anonymous (fully) No identifying information or ability to link a participant’s response to any identifying information is collected (such as email addresses, names, IDs, IP addresses, etc.).
Anonymous (authenticated) For some projects, to ensure a survey is sent to only selected participants, an authentication to participate in the survey is required. However, once the participant has authenticated in the survey, the information to the participant cannot be linked.
Confidential For some projects it is important to know the identity of the participants, as such, an identifier (such as email addresses, names, or IDs) is used to link to a participant’s response. Identifying information is only shared with authorized staff and is never included in any reported results.

Before conducting a survey, the University will conduct an assessment of the necessity and the ethical aspect of the survey, taking into account, in particular, the sensitivity of the Personal Information collected and the purposes for which it is to be used. We will ask for your consent whenever you participate in a survey.

Note: “Research” studies or surveys covered in the section above, as distinct from “administrative” studies and surveys covered in the present section, will be subject to their own privacy notice and consent, and the nature of Personal Information on the participants will vary based on the scientific research study or survey. Please refer to the Research Participants section of this Annex A for information about Personal Information processed by McGill for scientific research purposes.

Webinar and Event Participants

When you register for one of our events or webinars, we ask that you provide basic contact and payment (usually credit card) information. This information is required to process your request, process payment as applicable, and grant you access to the event or webinar. We may share your contact information with service providers as needed (e.g., with mandates for website management, cyber security, payment processing) to perform services on our behalf, with respect to the above purposes, and in accordance with applicable privacy laws. We may also share your Personal Information with webinar or event partners (e.g., collaborating institutions) as needed to administer the webinar or event. We may also use your contact information to inform you about other webinars and events we think may be of interest to you (unless you tell us not to contact you in this regard in which case we will update our contact lists accordingly.

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