Innovation & Translation

Biomedical Engineering bridges Research, Industry, and the Clinic

Beyond research, an important mission for McGill BME is innovation for better health outcomes.

Translational Training Programs

Graduate Certificate in Translational BME

MedTech Talent Accelerator

Translational Courses

BMDE 653 Patents in Biomedical Engineering
Instructor: Pierre T. Nguyen
Patent Agent, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
Affiliate Member, Department of Biomedical Engineering

BMDE 654 Biomedical Regulatory Affairs - Medical Devices
Instructor: Danny Kroo
Consultant, Medical Device Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs (QA/RA)
Affiliate Member, Department of Biomedical Engineering

BMDE 655 Biomedical Clinical Trials - Medical Devices
Instructor: Ahmad Haidar
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Selected Industry Partnerships

Recent Startups & Spin-offs from BME Labs

True Positive Medical Devices, acquired by QYNAPSE Inc. (Louis Collins)

Saccade Analytics (Henrietta L Galiana)

MangoGen (Satya Prakash)

nPlex Biosciences (David Juncker)

Clinical Partnerships

To collaborate with McGill BME, or for any inquiries, please contact translation.bme [at]

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