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Biomedical Engineering 
Explore. Innovate. Impact Health.

Channeling human ingenuity for the improvement of human health and well-being

Biomedical Engineering (BME) draws upon, and simultaneously advances, engineering, science, and medicine to produce devices, technologies, techniques, tools, manufacturing processes, models, and scientific discoveries.

Bridging engineering, science, and medicine

Through a partnership-based process of innovation, clinical translational, and commercialization, advances in BME benefit our communities by improving health and well-being.

BME thrives in a vibrant ecosystem of research, education, innovation, and translation


Engineers, scientists and clinicians and students are the motor, brain and heart of the Department of BME.

As part of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, BME conducts cutting-edge research leading to tangible health benefits.


Our graduate programs at BME, including our shared Master's and PhD programs in Biological & Biomedical Engineering (BBME), train students in research, innovation, and translation, preparing them for careers in academia, industry, and government.

Our professors are globally renowned for their research, and are committed and passionate teachers. Together with instructors from industry and areas outside BME, they foster a collaborative and multidisciplinary training environment.

Innovation & Translation

We integrate research and education with clinical and industry collaborations to translate BME innovations into real-world outcomes.

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