History of Biomedical Engineering at McGill

Canada's First Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering at McGill started with the founding of the Biomedical Engineering Unit in 1966. The original Unit was jointly administered by the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine, but was later integrated solely under the Faculty of Medicine. The first Director of the Unit of BME was Dr. John H. Milsum.

After Dr. Milsum moved to UBC in 1972, Dr. Charles A. Laszlo was briefly Acting Director before moving to UBC himself. The next BME Unit Director was Dr. John S. Outerbridge, until Dr. Robert E. Kearney became BME Unit Director in 1985.

Under Dr. Kearney's leadership, the Biomedical Engineering Unit became a full Department in 1989, the first in Canada.

Department Chairs

Prof. Robert E. Kearney 1989-2005
Prof. Henrietta L. Galiana 2005-2012
Prof. Robert E. Kearney (Interim) 2013-2018
Prof. David Juncker 2018-present


Milestone timeline

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