Position Contact Email: first.last [at] Roles & Responsibilities
Department Chair

David Juncker

chair.bme [at] (chair.bme)

Responsible for planning and executing Departmental strategies for Research, Education, and Innovation & Translation.

Administrative Coordinator

Trang Q. Tran

admin.bme [at] (admin.bme)

First point of contact at the Department. Responsible for general coordinating and communications.

Graduate Program Director (Gr. Cert.)

Ahmad Haidar

ahmad.haidar [at] (ahmad.haidar)

Administers the Graduate Certificate in Translational BME program.

Program Officer

Jesse Ehrlick

mt.bme [at] (j)jesse.ehrlick [at] (esse.ehrlick)


Academic Associate



First point of contact for the MedTech Talent Accelerator External link and the Graduate Certificate in Translational BME. Responsible for coordinating industry internships, organizing seminars, and managing academic affairs.

Director of Technical Services

Ross Wagner

services.bme [at] (services.bme)

Manages technical issues at the Department.

Administrative Excellence Centre (AEC)

The AEC is our administrative link between the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the School of Biomedical Sciences - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. See the list of AEC support staff.

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