Administrative (AEC)

Our Administrative Excellence Centre (AEC) - Hugessen House, 3666 McTavish Street, Montreal (Quebec) H3A 1Y2

The AEC is our administrative link between the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the McGill Faculty of Medicine, welcoming experts in administration, human resources, and finance. 

The AEC will be present at the Duff building on Thursdays.




Associate Director



johans.fakhoury [at] (Johans Fakhoury)



  • Strategic partner and senior advisor to Department Chairs
  • Oversight of all HR, Budget &Finance, and Academic Affairs activites of the three AEC departments
  • Supervision of AEC team and departmental administrative and technical staff
  • Assistance in strategic development of departmental business plans and programs
  • Liasion between AEC departments, other AECs, the Faculty of Medicine and central offices of McGill University (Research, Teaching, Finance, HR) to share best practices and promote business objectives [at] (Academic Affairs Administrator)

Nina Abdul Wahab
  • Ranked and unranked academic staff (tenure-track, CAS, nil-salary)
  • Course lecturers
  • Research Associates
  • Academic Trainees
  • Visiting scholars and professors
  • Stipend appointments [at] (Human Resources Administrator)


Ruotong Wang

Room 303 - 514.398.5156

  • Administrative and support staff (unionized and non-unionized)
  • Casual employees
  • Research Assistants
  • Postdocs
  • Invigilators
  • TA’s / USCA’s
  • Research Trainees (undergraduate and graduate students)

finance.aec2 [at] (Sr. Accounts Administrator)

Anna Cho
  • Fund transfers (journal entries)
  • Internal/External Billing
  • BSA (student stipend payments)
  • Pcard reconciliation
  • Advances and Expense Reports
  • Payment Requests [at] (Financial Administrator)

Donka Stoeva
  • Fund monitoring and research budget planning
  • FOAPAL requests
  • Oversight of all financial transaction streams (see Sr. Accounts Administrator) & departmental financial operations and initiatives (MIMM Gala, International Dissection Program, Common Equipment, MIMM Biobar, BME Poster Printing, Core Facilities)
  • uPrint resource accounts and FOAPAL assignment
  • Expense report training and compliance issues
  • Faculty allocations and discretionary funds [at] (Financial Officer)

Bela Geurkova


  • Supervision of Finance Team and all financial operations of all three departments
  • Fund monitoring and research budget planning
  • Budget planning/forecasting and analysis for departmental funds
  • Budget planning and analysis for research and teaching facilities as well as departmental programs and initiatives (Body donor program, Facility for Electron Microscopy Research, Maude Abbott Medical Museum, MIMM undergraduate teaching labs, Poster Printing Service, Visiting Speakers program/Seminar Series)
  • Expense report training and compliance issues
  • Endowment monitoring
  • Faculty allocations, discretionary funds
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