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Event-by-event Monte-Carlo simulations for applications in radiation therapy and protection. Learn more

Radiation Oncology Knowledge Sharing 

Managing clinical information and database systems in radiation oncology and medical physics. Learn more


Calculation and measurement of absorbed doses in radiotherapy. Learn more


Application of oncology bioinformatics, multimodality image analysis and treatment outcome modeling to unravel the response of cancer patients to chemo-radiotherapy treatment. Learn more

Clinical Research

Improvements and development of treatment techniques as well as optimization of the dynamics of clinical work. Learn more

MRI Methods 

Development of techniques for in vivo MRI, with a primary focus on characterization of anatomy and physiology, and quantitative mapping. Learn more

Novel brachytherapy and detector technology

Investigations into novel methods for brachytherapy delivery and development of new radiation detectors for clinical applications. Learn more

McGill University Medical Physics Unit

The Medical Physics Unit (MPU) is an academic unit within McGill University's Faculty of Medicine and a division within the Department of Oncology. The activities of the MPU encompass Medical Physics education, research and clinical consultation hosted at the MUHCJewish General Hospital (JGH) and the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI). The main site of the MPU is colocated with the MUHC Department of Medical Physics at the MUHC which provides clinical service to the Department of Radiation Oncology. This mixed clinical-academic setup where education, training and research & development is intertwined with clinical service provides a fertile breeding ground for exciting new research.


Please use the links above to learn more about the MPU.



September, 2022


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