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Research in Medical Physics at the MPU covers a wide range of topics that can be grouped under the following themes: Microdosimetry, Macrodosimetry, Device developement, Treatment techniques, Magnetic resonance imaging and Database handling. Research at the MPU is performed by academic and clinical members

See the Lab page of each of the Professors above for more details.

Publications by students and staff of the Medical Physics Unit can be found here.



Current research at the MPU

PhD student Eva Alonso develops quantitative in vivo MRI imaging of the myelin water to detect demyelinating diseases. Learn more.

PhD Student Martin Vallières develops a radiomics model based on texture features for the prediction of lung metastases. Learn more.

PhD student Peter Watson implements an efficient Monte Carlo calculation for CBCT scatter correction. Learn more.

PhD student James Renaud is developing a graphite probe calorimeter for absolute clinical dosimetry. More details.

PhD student Sangkyu Lee investigates Bayesian network ensemble as a strategy to predict radiation pneumonitis risks. More.

Novel brachytherapy and detector technology. Learn more