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Why it's great to be an EPS student

Awesome field trips

Fieldwork is a hallmark of the EPS student experience. Recent field trips include the Grand Canyon, Antarctica, Tanzania, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, with future excursions to Italy, Peru, Colombia and the Arctic being planned.


Life in Montreal

The greater Montreal area is a thriving metropolis that offers the best in shopping, dining, nightlife, music, the arts and cultural events for all tastes.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences is a broad discipline that applies the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology to the study of planetary processes and environments. Students may pursue a number of Bachelor of Science options as well as a Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy. 

Graduates enjoy a diverse range of career opportunities, including the new and expanding fields of environmental management, toxic and radioactive waste disposal, oceanography, and the prediction and monitoring of natural hazards. There also remains a strong demand for geologists and geophysicists in their traditional roles searching for mineral, energy and water resources. This diversity will expand in the future to include mineral exploration and exploitation of the sea floor and neighbouring terrestrial planets. 

Thursday June 3, 1PM: Q & A session (via Zoom) for newly admitted students from CEGEP

William Minarik and Jeanne Paquette answer questions about the Earth System Science, Geology, Planetary Sciences, Physics and Geophysics programs (and the related Minor programs).


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