Research Groups

Earthquake Processes

Faults, from the microscopic to plate boundary scale, generate the crustal expression of plate tectonics and control earthquake, volcano and tsunami hazards around the globe. We apply structural geology, seismology and numerical modeling to understand the dynamics of fault systems, the controls on earthquakes, and the role of fluids and formation of ore deposits associated with fault slip. Directors: James Kirkpatrick, Yajing Liu, and Christie Rowe.

High-temperature and High-pressure Experimental Geochemistry

Directors: William Minarik and Don Baker.

Hydrothermal Geochemistry

Behaviour of elements in aqueous fluids at elevated temperature and pressure, with a special focus on the processes leading to the formation of mineralizations. Directors: A.E. Williams-Jones

Marine Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Oceanography

Early diagenesis, carbonate geochemistry, mercury in coastal environments, hypoxia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, estuarine processes, saltmarsh geochemistry, redox chemistry and electrochemical applications. Director: Bjorn Sundby

Precambrian Research Office and Publican Society (PROPS)

Focusing on the Precambrian Earth System, key themes include the progressive oxygenation of the Earth surface environment, the record and climatic consequences of supercontinental breakup, the unique mineralizing environments of the Precambrian, and the cause, effects, and record of snowball Earth events. Work based on fieldwork on Archean and Proterozoic rocks, the study of modern microbial systems, and laboratory experiments to inform the field datasets. Director: Galen Halverson

Volcano Group

The transfer of gases from Earth's interior to the surface and the atmosphere; natural hazards and their mitigation; replenishment and eruption of large silicic systems; magma chamber flow dynamics and caldera collapse analogue modelling. Director: John Stix

Human-Earth System Dynamics

The Integrated Earth System Dynamics Laboratory tackles difficult interdisciplinary problems related to the functioning of the Human-Earth system. Director: Eric Galbraith.

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