The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is a community of researchers dedicated to exploring the past, present, and future of Earth and other planets.

Environment and Climate Change

Analyzing environmental and climate change patterns to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth's history, its current state, and how it is affected by both natural and human-induced changes.

Earth- Life Interactions

Understanding the complex and interconnected relationships between Earth's physical processes and the diverse forms of life that inhabit our planet.

Earth Materials and Sustainability

Understanding the responsible management and utilization of Earth's natural resources while considering long-term environmental and societal impacts

Natural Hazards

Understanding the causes of hazards (including earthquakes and volcanoes), predicting their occurrences, and developing strategies to mitigate their impacts

Planetary Processes - From Core to Climate

Understanding the evolution, history, and current conditions of planets, moons, and other objects in our solar system and the broader universe.

Critical Metals

Understanding the processes that can produce extractable concentrations of the metals needed to help mitigate global warming

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