Student Life

Student Groups and Associations

Department Groups

Monteregian Society

The society of undergraduate students within the department. They are responsible for coordinating many departmental academic and social activities. Every undergraduate student in EPS is an automatic member of the Monteregian Society.

The Adams Club

The society of graduate students within the department. They are responsible for coordinating departmental academic and social activities for graduate students. Every grad student within the department is an automatic member of the Adams Club.

Society of Economic Geologists

The McGill student chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists promotes the advancement of the science of geology and prepares students for careers in economic geology.

Students of McGill Outreach in Earth Sciences (SMOrES)

SMOrES is the outreach group for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate researchers. The group offers interactive workshops to teach all levels about geological, environmental, and planetary science concepts.


Other Affiliations 

The Student's Society of McGill University (SSMU)

SSMU is the representative body for undergraduate students. They advocate for fairer academic justice processes, better student services, and more. Every undergraduate student at McGill is a member of SSMU.

Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS)

PGSS is the representative body for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. They are responsible for advocating for students, helping to improve student life, and planning social activities. All graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at McGill are PGSS members.

Trottier Space Institute at McGill (TSI)

TSI is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together researchers engaged in astrophysics, planetary science, atmospheric science, astrobiology and other space-related research at McGill University.

Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES)

CFES is the coordinated voice of Canada's Earth Science community. They ensure that decision-makers and the public understand the contributions of Earth Science to Canadian science and the economy.

    Social and Shared Spaces

    Within the department, we have two lounges that are accessible to all of our students.

    Undergraduate Lounge

    - A cozy spot to study, chat with friends, or spend time in between classes.

    Main Lounge

    - Equipped with a fridge, microwave, sink, and coffee machine, it's a great space to have lunch, study or meet up with peers. And it's where we hold our 3 pm. coffee and cookie time.

    Meeting Spaces

    • Group Meeting Space
    • Main Seminar Room

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    Department Events

    • Fall Picnic
    • Homecoming
    • Wine and Cheeses
    • Christmas Party
    • Graduation



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