SMOrES - Students at McGill Outreach in Earth Sciences 

Students of McGill Outreach in Earth Sciences (SMOrES) are a group of enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate researchers who offer interactive workshops aimed to teach geological, environmental, and planetary sciences concepts.  We offer learning modules on research topics such as climate change, planets, natural hazards, and rock identification, which are audience-specific and include an at-home or virtual experiment.

For Teachers: 

Examples of workshops for elementary Cycle Two and Three

The Earth through time with a little help from hot cocoa.

Did you know that Earth used to have one giant continent? Or that ocean can grow and shrink? This fun virtual workshop introduces tectonic plates and how they move. Including a demo of hot chocolate tectonic plates!

These rocks...rock!

Rocks are all around us, we use them to make buildings and roads, we even use parts of them in our cars and computers, but not all rocks are the same. Come learn some of the tools that geologist use to tell them apart. Bring your favorite rock along to try these tools for yourself.

Four graduate students in lab coats holding volcano props in front of a screen with the words "Young Volcano Investigators"

EPS graduate students present Young Volcano Investigators at the Redpath Museum. 

Two people hold rock samples.

Demonstration of workshop "Can you light a candle on Mars?" and rock samples.

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