Christopher McCray (PhD student), Yeechian Low (MSc student), Kai Melamed-Turkish (MSc student) accepting the Safety Ambassador 2019 award on behalf of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Weather Forecasting Team (other members: prof. John Gyakum & Dr. Eyad Attallah not pictured) for all their weather related-services for major events such as convocation ceremonies for the past years to the Emergency Management and Preparedness Unit. 

Charles Brunette, our PhD degree is currently at MEOPAR HQP for the Forecasting Regional Arctic sea ice from a Month to Seasons (FRAMS) project.

He is hosted by the Centre européen de recherche et de formation avancée en calcul scientifique (CERFACS), within the climate and climate change modeling group (GLOBC).

His research stay is possible thanks to support from the MEOPAR Travel awards, the McGill Graduate Mobility Award and ArcTrain.

ATOC 555- Fieldcourse in Barbados

Class of summer 2019- students with prof John Gyakum and Course lecture Dr. Gregor Kos in Barbados at the Bellairs Research Institute.

Our ATOC 555 Fieldcourse in Barbados students with prof John Gyakum and the scientist from Max-Planck ARM site at Deeble Point, Barbados.

Deeble point is the eastern most point of Barbados.  

May 2019

Congratulations to our Ph.D Student, Devendra Pal.

Dev was awarded The Environmental Management or Policy Research and Study Related to Air Quality Scholarship by The Air & Waste Management Association in recognition of his exceptional work in Air Quality Research and Study.

Our graduate students (left to right: Pascal Bourgault, Charles Brunette and Amélie Desmarais) presenting their research on the Arctic climate and the future of sea ice to the general public at the Redpath Museum as part of '24 heures de sciences'.

Along with an interactive science demonstration, they shared stories from their field expeditions in the Arctic.

Photo credit: Charles Brunette

Congratulations to our undergrad student council,  the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Society of Undergraduates at McGill (AOSSUM)!

They won the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) of McGill's "Best Small Department" award (again) this year.

The CAOS workshop series in Atmospheric Data Science

Tutorials organised by our graduate student council (CAOS) for our graduate students

Andres Perez Hortal (PhD student) giving the 6th Python Workshop- a small Data Science project to practice exploratory data analysis (EDA) to analyze the dataset to summarize their main characteristics.

Polar Area Weather Station (PAWS) deployed on landfast sea ice south of Paul Island, near Nain. The PAWS provides meteorological data such as air temperature, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure.

This project is a collaboration between the Canadian Ice Service (Adrienne Tivy), McGill University (Bruno Tremblay) and the Nain Research Center (Joey Angnatok).

Photo courtesy of Charles Brunette, PhD Student

Students from our Sea Ice Group (Charles Brunette, Pascal Bourgault, Amelie Desmarais) participated in Expedition PS115/2 on the Polarstern icebreaker (Sep 4 - Oct 16, 2018).

Photo courtesy of Amelie Desmarais.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

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