Members of our department- faculty, research staff, and students- are engaged in interdisciplinary and inter-university research centres in areas such as physical oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, geophysical fluid dynamics, physical climatology, atmospheric radiation, climate dynamics, cloud physics to name a few.

Our faculty members are known for excellence in both teaching and research while publishing widely in scholarly journals. 

Our research staff are nationally and internationally respected scholars who are well-grounded and are pushing path-breaking research.
Our graduate students are creative thinkers and doers who are pursuing exciting research. They continue to demonstrate excellence in publishing, conference presentations as well as scholarship competitions.
Our undergraduate students are a dynamic group of individuals with great enthusiasm and passion for the atmospheric and oceanic sciences with considerable success in national and international meteorology- and climate- related competitions as well as an aptitude for further studies at the graduate level.

Our staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help.


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