Administrative Staff

Name Information
Dr. Daniel Kirshbaum

Position: Department Chair
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 944
Phone: 514-398-3760
daniel.kirshbaum [at] (Email)


Position: Administrative Assistant
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 943
Phone: 514-398-3758
admin.aos [at] (Email)

Manuela Franzo-Whitnell

Position: Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 945
Phone: 514-398-3764
graduateinfo.aos [at] (Email)


Position: Administrative Coordinator
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 945
Phone: 514-398-4367
coord.aos [at] (Email)

FST Team

Position: Accounts Administrator & Manager
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 1028
Phone: 514-398-4448/4886/4784
sciencefinancepod2 [at] (Email)

Dr. Carolina Dufour

Position: Undergraduate Program Director
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 815
Phone: 514-398-3140
carolina.dufour [at] (Email)

Dr. Andreas Zuend

Position: Graduate Program Director
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 819
Phone: 514-398-7420
andreas.zuend [at] (Email)

Dr. Isztar Zawadzki

Position: Director of Cooperative Centre for Research in Mesometeorology
Office: Burnside Hall, Rm. 824-825
Phone: 514-398-1034
isztar.zawadski [at] (Email)


Technical Staff

Name Information
Science IT

Position: Science IT
Office: N/A
Phone: 514-398-3761 [at] (Email)

Tara Mawhinney

Position: Liaison Librarian
Office: Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering
Phone: 514-398-4764
tara.mawhinney [at] (Email)


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