Current Undergraduate Students

Image by AOSSUM Council- 2021-2022.

(the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Society of Undergraduates at McGill (AOSSUM) council 2021-2022)

We have a small close-knit undergraduate student population. Currently we have 35 undergraduate students across all years (majors and minors included). Below we introduce some of our undergraduates.

If you are an undergraduate student studying an ATOC major or minor, or a diploma student and would like us to include your name in the list below, please email the coord.aos [at] (subject: Current%20McGill%20AOS%20UG%20student%20bio) (AOS Administrative Coordinator).

  • Joesph Adamo

    Joint Major in AOS & Physics/ Minor in Math

    More info

  • Calvin Coulbury

    U2 student/ Minor in AOS

    More info

  • Maria Gheta

    U2 Honors student

    More info

  • Harriet Easterbook

    Double Major in  Physics and Computer Science

    More info

  • Mees Franssen

    Honors in the AOS Program

    More info

  • Shanon Lapointe

    U3 student/ Major in Atmospheric Science

    More info

  • Isabelle Sangha

    Honours in AOS

    More info

  • Etienne Sebag

    Major in Statistics/ Minor in AOS

    More info

  • Aelis Spiller

    U2 student/ Minor in AOS /Major in Earth Systems Science

    More info

  • Maya Willard-Stepan

    Major in Physics & Environmental Services /Minor in AOS

    More info

  • Lauryn Talbot

    U3 student/ Major in AOS & Physics

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