Dr. Lingard wows during McGill lectures

It is impossible to have sold-out seating during a live online video lecture with seemingly limitless audience capacity, but it felt packed to the brim at two recent lectures by Dr. Lorelei Lingard.
An expert in communication, teamwork and interprofessional healthcare teams, Dr. Lingard examines how these components can affect patient safety. READ MORE

The anatomy of change: Dr. Geoffroy Noel starts new chapter

In only seven years at the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Geoffroy Noel created a thriving new division within the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and made an impact at the Institute of Health Sciences Education and beyond. 

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Dr. Tamara Carver: taking online learning to the next level

“Since starting last August, I’ve been to my office only a handful of times,” Dr. Carver says. “Almost everything we do has been online and it mirrors one of the most interesting and important lessons we can take away from the past year: online learning is here to stay, and the opportunities are endless.”

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Learner handover: perspectives from the front-line

With the expansion of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME), there is increasing reliance on longitudinal assessments to document learner progress over time.

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Dr. Boudreau joins Norwegian educational project

Dr. Donald Boudreau has joined a consultative team affiliated with an educational innovation about to be implemented in Norway. The project, called ‘PROFMED’, is focused on improving medical students’ preparation for and experience of clinical placements.

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McGill Senate approves new PhD Program for the Institute of Health Sciences Education

One year after it gained degree-granting status, the IHSE is ready to launch its first graduate program

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What's in a name?

As the Institute of Health Sciences Education celebrates its first anniversary and the start of a new chapter, it is important to understand what’s in a name. The Institute is both a product of its times and an active agent of change through time. Our name reflects this reality. In order to understand who we are and where we are going, it is important to know where we come from.

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Recent IHSE publications

From pilot-testing virtual patients to movie nights as educational opportunities, check out this partial listing of 26 publications about health sciences education by Institute members.

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Institute advances evidence-based education internationally

Members of the Institute of Health Sciences Education recently reaffirmed their commitment to the Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration, continuing McGill University’s tradition as a founding member of an initiative with an international presence.

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Institute of Health Sciences Education


Welcome to the IHSE

The Institute of Health Sciences Education (IHSE) is the first of its kind in Canada, moving beyond traditional departmental lines and disciplinary boundaries to create new knowledge, enable capacity-building and promote knowledge translation.

Research and Scholarship

Education & Capacity Building

Community Outreach & Engagement

Introducing our Members

“The natural outcome of my research is all about improving healthcare and, ultimately, this all comes back to teaching,” says Dr. Dan Poenaru.
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Health Sciences Education Rounds 

Join us on November 25 when Dr. Laura Nimmon presents Social Network Theory in Interprofessional Education.
For more Information or to register, click here.


Celebrating Success

Dr. Gerald Fried received the 2021 Duncan Graham Award!
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Dr. Gerald Fried

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