Educational opportunities at the Institute include a variety of activities: two Medical and Health Sciences Education elective programs for medical students, residents and all other students in the health professions in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences who are considering a career in teaching or academic medicine; a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, with a focus on the health professions; a Meakins Fellowship, which is awarded on an annual basis to further and/or reward excellence in HSE; an Educational Award from the Medical Class of 1970; and a Faculty Scholarship from the Class of Medicine 1974.

In the area of education and capacity-building, the Institute:

  • Supports and develops educators and leaders in HSE and HSE research
  • Designs and delivers graduate programs in HSE (starting with our collaborative Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Health Professions Education (
  • Provides opportunities for all learners in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences to participate in an elective or scholarly endeavor related to HSE or HSE research
  • Engages in capacity-building, with a major focus on research and scholarship, for the benefit of all faculty members
  • Encourages the uptake of new evidence and “best practices” into HSE through the dissemination of evidence-informed educational practices and capacity-building
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