A PhD class taking place at the IHSE


Educational opportunities at the Institute include a variety of programs and awards:

The IHSE offers a PhD program in Health Sciences Education with a focus on preparing the next generation of researchers and scholars equipped to advance knowledge and contribute to this new interdisciplinary field.

The IHSE collaborates with the faculty of Education on two programs, a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology (Health Professions Education), and a Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Health Sciences Education.

The IHSE offers two Medical and Health Sciences Education Elective Programs for medical students, residents and health professions students in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences who are considering a career in teaching or academic medicine.

Meakins Fellowships - awarded on an annual basis to further and/or reward excellence in medical education by an advanced postgraduate trainee or a faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at McGill University.

Educational Award from the Medical Class of 1970 - to support a member of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who wishes to acquire skills that can be directly applied to the education of medical students and/or residents at McGill University.

In the area of education and capacity-building, the Institute:

  • Supports and develops educators and leaders in HSE and HSE research
  • Provides opportunities for learners in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences to participate in an elective or scholarly endeavour related to HSE or HSE research
  • Engages in capacity-building, with a major focus on research and scholarship, for the benefit of all faculty members
  • Encourages the uptake of new evidence and “best practices” into HSE through the dissemination of evidence-informed educational practices and capacity-building

For more information on opportunities available through the IHSE, please review the Awards and Grants for Education Research and Scholarship document: PDF icon opportunities_available_through_the_ihse_2023.pdf


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