About Us

The Institute of Health Sciences Education (IHSE) was created in February 2019. Building on the success of the Centre for Medical Education, the new Institute promotes excellence and scholarship across the continuum of health sciences education. More specifically, the IHSE at McGill:

  • Conducts research and scholarly work in health sciences education;
  • Ensures that research advances the field of health sciences education and informs educational practice;
  • Supports interest in educational research and development;
  • Encourages innovation and excellence in teaching and learning; and
  • Offers educational programs and capacity building for future leaders in
    health sciences education.

With an active interest in the development and enhancement of health sciences education and practice, members of the IHSE consist of clinicians, educators and researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Bringing together research and practice, this unique mix of individuals will help us to move beyond traditional departmental and disciplinary boundaries to create new knowledge, enable capacity-building, and promote knowledge translation in the field.


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