Research and development is one of the main priorities of the Institute of Health Sciences Education. Members of the Institute publish on a regular basis on a variety of topics within the realm of health sciences education.

Major research domains at the Institute include: Professionalism and Professional Identity Formation; Faculty Development and Continuing Professional Development (CPD); Innovations in Teaching and Learning; Assessment and Program Evaluation; Decision-Making and Clinical Reasoning; and Education and Health Care Systems.

In addition, these research domains are informed by four interconnected and often synergistic cross-cutting goals and strategies: Advancement of Theory and Research Methodology; Development of Policy and Practice; Knowledge Translation; and Social Accountability.


In the area of research and scholarship, the Institute aims to:

  • Conduct high-impact interdisciplinary, collaborative research in HSE that enhances knowledge and practice in HSE
  • Advance theory and research methodology in a number of research domains
  • Influence educational policies and practices through research and scholarship
  • Engage in the transfer of new knowledge to practice in a variety of disciplines and contexts, and work to ensure that practice concurrently informs research and scholarship
  • Build on the scholarship of discovery and advance the scholarship of teaching, integration and application
  • Expand the Faculty of Medicine’s role as a national and international leader in HSE
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